Do you have a money Mindset?

In this the second in our eight-part Winter Series entitled, “Love Yourself Wealthy”, I’d love to encourage you to open your mind and consider the concept of what it means to have a money mindset.

Sometimes our ‘money stories’ (our beliefs and attitudes towards wealth) may not be serving us and we need to transform them into ones that do. Perhaps we inherited our money beliefs from things that were said to us growing up: ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘we can’t afford it,’ ‘money is bad’, ‘you can’t be spiritual and have money’, ‘money is scarce’, ‘you must save and not spend – just in case’, ‘there will never be enough’, ‘you must work hard’. Or maybe we might have made decisions based on judgements about our gender. For instance, “As I am a woman I don’t make as much money and therefore … (insert career choice)…. and therefore (insert bank balance)! These beliefs can hold so many of us back; they are fear-based stories which come into play when we don’t believe in the Universal Laws that we are part of an unlimited, loving Universe.

3. I grew up being told money was scarce how wonderful it was to discover the abundant universe_1

For a long time, I held many of those beliefs and have worked hard at creating new belief systems which allow me to have a greater and more positive impact in the world. For as long as I can remember, I have believed I was destined to struggle financially. I always felt trapped by my money beliefs because I didn’t believe there was an option to the struggle – that is what I deserved and I always thought I had to put up with only ever just being able to make ends meet. Learning to love myself helped me to bust through my belief systems around being unworthy and had me tap into the very loving and very giving Universal Power that divinely supports my every desire…..indeed, it supports YOUR every desire too..!!

If you resonate with any of the above beliefs then you are limiting yourself and dooming yourself to chronic under-earning. You need help to raise your money mind set by quitting those judgements.

14. I am value & I know my worth_1

Maybe you could list your current beliefs about money and then list the positive opposite belief beside it to transform the way your think about, and subsequently attract, money into your life. For example a belief like I must work hard could be changed to I take inspired action; I can only make ends meet could be changed to I deserve to have more than enough.

A wealthy mind set does not only come to those who have had opportunity but from their ways of thinking. Money comes to those who are open to putting themselves in a position to receive it and who are willing to work out ways to make their abilities and passions pay off with success that leads to money.

The key here is your passion – remember money goes where there is a purpose for it and when you are living on purpose – only then will money show up! If you are really lit-up by what you are doing, by the idea for the new business, by your current work, or by your interests then you are bringing a high vibration to what you are doing and you are at least half-way to success, as you are bringing energy and passion to what you do.

The other half of your success comes from where you turn your attention. If your desire is money, then focus simply on it. Instead of focussing your attention on what you lack, why not invest in some business classes, read wealth-creation books, read about internet marketing or other ways that you could use your passion to create the wealth that you desire? Take some action. How you focus your attention will have a huge influence on your money outcomes.

15. Self love means giving myself permisiion to honour my desires_12

Finally, visualise, visualise, visualise. How does your desired result, your wealthy life, look to you? Can you call up a visual image of prosperity? The better you can get at calling up that vision, of knowing it to your core, the closer it will become to a belief and the beliefs you hold will manifest.

I believe in you!

If you have deep beliefs around not being worthy of financial success or deserving of living a life filled with all you desire, I am available for complimentary discovery calls  to look into what might be blocking you. The work I do with women is very much about looking at beliefs that are holding you back from claiming the life that you desire. If you are interested in claiming support in this area, do jump on the phone with me.

Big Love,
Katie x

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