Your Purpose is to Live

“Your only purpose in this life is to live!”

That is what my dear friend said when we were discussing all things life, Universe and expansion over an excellent Moroccan meal having just trekked through the Atlas Mountains last week. We ate and drank and spoke with great gusto.

We were revved up and excited for life!

Our passion and lust for life was turned up full volume because we were DOING IT. We felt alive. We weren’t dreaming of it. We had made a series of choices (some of them pretty darn risky leaps of faith!) over the last few years and we were reflecting on what mind-set it has taken for us to live life in the way we are.

We were overwhelmed with gratitude and pride!

He and I got so excited at the basic realisation that life is simply for living. That’s it! That’s all we have to do. It is our one big responsibility. To live! And how each of us chooses to do that is unique. We all have our own unique desires and talents and beautiful Spirits.

Our assignment is to honor ourselves and live accordingly.


you are free


One of the reasons I get SO fired up about this message is because I used to survive life. Do you know what that feels like? I certainly do and it was bloody exhausting. Every day I awoke on a knifes edge and I was terrified. The way I coped with it was to go into victim mode, which wasn’t very helpful! I would blame others, I’d blame the family I was born into, I’d blame God.

The result? More of the same…..! I got more of what I focused on. I fell deeper into an abyss of thinking that my ‘lot in life’ was to struggle. So I felt more and more trapped. I pedalled faster on the treadmill of significance (which usually meant working harder and trying to please my man…..both for approval and accolade). I threw myself into behaviors that allowed me to avoid feeling the pain of a life half lived – wine, box-sets, parties, men, over working ….. you get the picture!

I was numb. Very very numb.

My rock bottom was my turning point. Thankfully. Sadly I can’t say the same for my mum. Her rock bottom meant the end of her life and oh how I wish she knew what I know now. For many years her experience propelled me into victim mode and I was unconsciously following her lead. Ultimately and thankfully, her experience motivated me.

In my darkest hour my Spirit spoke to me loud and clear,

“You are NOT going to leave your son and you HAVE to find a way free! This is not living. Find a way to love your life and who you are!”

We get one shot at the life we are given.

You need to know that your life is your choice. As an adult woman, you get to choose.


keeping up appearances


I am fiercely passionate about helping women who are ready to help themselves. I couldn’t have escaped my treadmill of keeping up appearances without private, loyal and expert help from a coach who saw my light and believed in my worthiness of an authentic, loving life.


I offer women that same loving guidance and fierce support.

So if you are:

* done with keeping up appearances and desire to smile authentically because you genuinely feel calm and at peace on the inside;

* feeling a victim to your life and desire to transform unhealthy and limiting thoughts into positive, expansive and loving beliefs that equip you to thrive in life;

* driven and successful but cannot seem to achieve fulfillment and unconditional love in your personal life;

* feeling like an emotional yo-yo and desire to experience consistent feelings of ease, freedom and joy;

* struggling with low self-belief and self-esteem and desire confidence that has you shining from the inside out, bravely stepping into a life that you are really proud of;

then lady, PLEASE jump on a complimentary call with me!


You do NOT have to figure out the ‘how’ to achieving all of the above on your own. My job is to support and fast track you to living a life that feels free, empowered and alive. You don’t have to wait another hour, day, week or month.

You have a LOT of life left and you get to choose how that feels and what it looks like.


reigniting your spark


Do you dare?

Is it your time to get proper support?

Are you fiercely determined to create lasting change?

If you are, I am SO excited for you.

I did it. I am no different to you.

My clients are doing it. They are no different to you.

You can do it.

A life you love is available to you.


Big Love,


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