Do you need support?

Today I dare copy
I didn’t know how to change. I just knew it had to happen.
I made myself available for change whereas previously I had only made myself available to be a victim.
Making that choice set me free.
When I hit my rock bottom, I became available for miracles. And so, the wheels were in motion and transformation became available to me too.
But why oh why do we women wait until we are on the floor, sobbing, snot flying everywhere, feeling totally lost and alone before we make the decision to be the creator of our life?
No judgement, by the way! Because that was exactly what I did. I just don’t want that for other women. So, IF that is you (and ignore this if not!), why are you available to be pushed to your limits before claiming support in the areas of your life that need attention?
I invite you to take a moment to consider where in your life you need support? 
Here’s some examples of what I mean by support, to get your thoughts moving….
* a cleaner
* a gardener
* a PA or VA
* an accountant
* a solicitor
* a beautician
* a masseuse
* a personal mentor
* a business coach
* a gym membership
* an uplifting women’s networking group
* a cook
* a baby-sitter
At first, support for me came in the form of friends, meditations, self-help books, a transformational coach, a councellor and great music.
Fast forward a few years and my support has uplevelled to include most of the list above (still not handed over the cooking….!), not least because my work now is to support other women so I have had to up the anti on the level of support I am now available to recieve.
Being available to receive support is rooted in Self-Love. It’s rooted in how you value yourself. 
Are you worth it?
That’s the million dollar question.
Lady, the answer is YES!
The next step?
Start from where you are at. So, if that means hiring a cleaner for one hour a month. Do that! If it means hiring a VA for just a couple of hours a month, do that. If it means a massage every 6 months, commit to that. You can build on it all.As you are supported, your ability to generate more financial flow will occur with such ease because that’s how the Universe works.

Your vibration will lift as you receive support. You will have more creative energy and a greater mental band-width to focus on projects and ideas that you love, rather than getting involved in low vibrational chores you hate. Before you know it, you will be having monthly massages, a cleaner twice a week and a permanent member of staff on your team.

And, you will be SO much more fun to spend time with – the people you love most will thank you!

If you have a voice inside that is craving support, please listen to her. That’s your Spirit and she knows you are meant for more. She knows that in order for you to be the biggest, most awesome, expanded version of yourself, you need help.
Stop doing things that don’t light you up.
Start doing things that make you feel great.
It’s pretty simple really. And as I said, this doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach. Start with one thing. Then increase the support in a way that feels right for you.
If you had told me even 18 months ago that I would have the support of practically every element on the list above, I would NOT have believed you. But, as a Self-Love Mentor, I practice what I preach.
I have never felt so supported and the exciting thing is, there is more to come!
I choose to receive it with ease and grace so that I may be of service to myself and others in a much more profound way.
What do you choose today? 
In what way can you make yourself available to live a larger life?

Big Love,

Katie x

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