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Over the past month or so it has been so interesting how the universe has been sending me a persistent and inescapable message that creating a spiritual practice needs to be my number one priority.

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I am a big believer that we all have a spiritual team that has each of our our backs 100%. That team may consist of guides, angels or deceased friends or relatives. (If you want to know more about spirit guides see my blog post here).

In total transparency with my hand on my heart I admit here that I have never been able to embrace the idea that my mum, who took her own life nearly 20 years ago, could be part of my spirit team.

However, the undeniable messages that voluntarily have come my way recently through a psychic, a palm reader and a tarot reader (who incidentally all approached me – these were not readings that I sought directly) as well as through books and general signs have all quite loudly conveyed the message that my mum is always with me and is one of my guides and is desperate for me to form a relationship with her and to seek her daily guidance.

What a wonderful revelation! So why am I in such resistance to creating this special and unique relationship with my mum?

Again with total transparency – I admit that this resistance is fuelled by anger. My thought process has been something like, ” why is she asking for a relationship with me now when she had the choice not to end her life all those years ago”?

As real as the pain of that anger feels, as a very consciously and spiritually aware woman, I know that I have an opportunity now, an invitation if you like, to heal the old wounds around her death even more than I could imagine and experience a much deeper level of forgiveness. My resistance is a surprise to me as it’s not like I haven’t done the work on healing in this regard!

Forgiveness in it’s most simple form is acceptance and I have to ask myself what is the cost to me if I don’t fully forgive my mum? The reward for forgiveness is not only the ability to draw strength from my mum and be guided by her unconditional love but it is also to release myself of the putrid, catastrophic and totally detrimental effect of my own anger that still comes up.

The moral of the story is that we are all always on a continual spiritual, emotional and intellectual journey and I have been reminded of the fundamental importance of forgiveness.

I encourage you to look for areas in your own life be they situations or people that need your forgiveness, so that you can decrease your own suffering.
The irony is that I’ve recently empowered a couple of clients with their own 21 day forgiveness work. Clearly I have just been set the same assignment! So I will share my journey to forgiveness with you over the next few newsletters, illustrating ways to forgiveness and how to move towards the miraculous healing that is available to us all.

Healing is so fundamental to the self-love process and a large aspect of my MightyMind Programmes.

Big Love,

Katie x

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