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Are you a High Vibe, Big Vision, Spiritual, Huge Hearted, Go-Getter!?

Read on!

EVOLUTION MEMBERSHIP opens its doors on 1st January – that’s just 4 days away.

This is a self-love club that has been designed to support you every single day – in a big way – to feel more confident, on purpose and lovingly connected to the people you care about most.

Evolution is a community of high vibe, big vision, enormous hearted, go-getting women lead by Katie Phillips – your therapeutic coach, acclaimed author and lover of all things women’s empowerment and wellbeing.

At The School of Self Love we are committed to your continued growth and transformation and we have evidence that this happens faster and is way more fun when you join a group of others with the same intention to live their biggest, bravest most beautiful life.

If you are committed to your personal evolution and determined to love yourself more every day, you will be at home in the Evolution Hub.

Click HERE to watch a personal message to you from our founder, Katie Phillips, explaining what Evolution Membership is and why we’ve created it for you. 



At The School of Self Love our passion is TRANSFORMATION. We are driven by showing you how to live a transformational life which means moving from fear to love in every moment.

This is a daily practice and through motivational daily messages and reminders (we will hook you up with a super-cool app!) we will help you to remember the truth of who you are and what you can do every day to move one step closer to being the woman you came here to be.

We will have your back every day, every step of the way because self love is a journey, not a destination. It’s a way of being. It’s your new way of doing life.

There is nothing wishy-washy about the way we teach self-love either. We are fierce about you understanding and knowing how to apply the tools and techniques required to quit your self sabotage and prioritise (without guilt) your transformational work.

Every month we will teach you transformational tools that CAN and WILL change your life and we do it in a relevant, up-to-date, tangible way through focussing on monthly topics that our research tells us are areas of your life that you want to evolve.

We believe that when you set the intention to love yourself, life SUPPORTS YOU by sending you experiences and opportunities as the perfect learning opportunities to evolve your habitual and self sabotaging ways of thinking and reacting. So, our monthly themes are designed to MOVE YOUR FORWARD in those areas of your life – from money to health to relationships and beyond. In the focus upon these areas we know that life will show you what you need to heal and transform so that you can have a better experience of each.

Every month you will strengthen the transformational tools that we teach you so that month on month you become a ninja at seeing where you are sabotaging yourself and how you can change that up. So you will start to see your relationship to money improve, how you show up in relationship will become more loving and conscious, how you start to move forward in your career will begin to feel more purposeful and your general wellbeing is going to have you shining from the inside out…month on month on month.

We will introduce you to EXPERTS in the relevant monthly topic – you will have access to them in a way that you simply CANNOT get unless you sign up to multiple high end coaching programmes.

You will also have access to our Founder – Therapeutic, Transformational and Intuitive Coach, Katie Phillips. Every month she will coach YOU!

Would that be of value to you?

You get her as your personal coach every single month with the added benefit of witnessing her coach other women in our community which is going to sky-rocket your growth exponentially. So when life sends you that learning opportunity 😉 she will be able to help you understand the lesson and how to transform what you are being shown needs healing.

This is your one-stop-shop to really evolving your experience of yourself and your life. AND…you can rest assured that we will NOT bombard you with too much information, too much homework or too much content to consume every month. We have learned that your transformation will be slowed down if we overwhelm you so we have created a process that will lovingly support and guide you …. not something to add more stress to your life!!

We’ve also priced it in a way that will not add stress to your life 😉

We hope you will join us.


The School of Self Love


PS. Don’t forget that on 5th January Katie is leading a 2 hour ‘2020 Intentions’ Workshop which is included in your membership. Then on 13th January, as a Founding Member of EVOLUTION, you can join Self Nurture & Life Balance Specialist, Cora Darlington, for her masterclass in ‘Radical Self Nurture’. Goals are great but let’s not lose ourselves in the process, right!? Then, at the end off the month, you’ll have the chance to do some deep-dive coaching with Katie to ensure you are ready to create the best year ever! And that’s just January!

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