Winter Solstice Offer – The light is coming!

I live in the Sussex countryside in the UK, just south of London. It’s DARK here. Even after 19 years of living in the UK full time I am still not quite used to such a lack of light during the winter. I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and this time of year is meant to be blistering hot and full of light for me. So, when 21st December arrives I do a little happy dance because THE LIGHT IS COMING!

This year the Winter Solstice is Sunday 22nd December so tomorrow we will have less than 8 hours of sunlight. From tomorrow the days get longer, little by little, bit by bit. A bit like transformation – every day, in a variety of ways, we have the opportunity to move towards the light. Every little thing counts.

When I reflect back on my transformational journey (which continues until the day I die, by the way!) I can see that sometimes the most subtle shifts in my daily attention or practices or habits are what built little by little to create enormous change in my life. Affirmations for example, when practiced daily, became my absolute rock solid beliefs and so the life that formed around me became a totally new landscape too.

For example, once I absolutely 100% believed, ‘Life Is Hard’. And it was. Mum’s suicide when I was 22 wrote that into stone for me.

I decided one day to believe that ‘Life Is Easy’ and that ‘Life Is Always Supporting Me’ (rather than plotting against me!). At first that seemed like an absolute joke. A lie, even. Except day by day, little by little, it became my truth and I LIVE THE GIFTS OF THAT TRUTH EVERY DAY NOW.

I can see life conspiring to support me every single day – it’s magical. Even when things feel utterly shit, I can see the gift within and how life is doing her best to guide me to a path that is more aligned with me.

Can you relate?

Of-course deep and life long lasting transformation requires more than practicing an affirmation every day, right? There’s so much I can teach and guide you with in that department however today, with the coming of the light, I must share the FIRST STEP to making huge transformation in your life and that’s a VISION.

Every single shift I have experienced started with connecting to my vision.

First I had to learn how to write a powerful vision which meant learning how to shift my language to become something nothing short of miraculous and magical.

Then I had to learn how to amp up the vision and there are several ways including the power of creating an emotional experience around your vision and sharing it with particular people who have the power to amplify and magnify your vision on your behalf. It’s a miraculous experience which I can share with you.

There’s something about this time of year that’s perfect for creating a vision, isn’t there.

Can you feel that?

December / January calls us to consciously move towards the light. We are called to release the past and look forward. But what are we looking at? A blank piece of paper? A black fog? A void of nothingness, indecision and overwhelm?

Without a vision we stumble into the new year without purpose and I honestly belief our soul thrives on feeling connected to her purpose.

New Years Resolutions just don’t cut it. They are statements and while there is truth to the desires of your heart within those statements, the energy of a resolution simply doesn’t pack the punch that the energy of a juicy, exciting, emotional VISION does.

I would like to boldly share one of my most juicy visions with you today, if I may?

Here it is :

I have created an incredible, high vibe, connected, collaborative, creative, intelligent community of bloody brilliant women who come together from all over the world to heal together, to lift each-other up, to support each-other’s visions and to evolve together.  Thousands of women joining together – like cells of the same beating heart, beating in unison and yet each one responsible for itself (* herself!).  A unified, strong, loving community of game changers. These women are Daring & Mighty. They want to evolve. Together.

I have created a movement of women who are so committed to their evolution that healing occurs naturally all around them – within their bodies, out into their relationships and beyond to the planet.

As these women heal, the world heals. 

How did that land with you?

I wondered how I would feel to share that with you. Nervous and vulnerable came to mind but now having typed that here for you, I feel excited and even more empowered that this vision is my truth and meant for me. Not least, it’s of service and is meant for thousands of women.

I would be doing the world a disservice not to bravely share my vision. Can you feel that?

Please will you join me on Sunday 5th January for my 2020 Intentions workshop?

In this workshop you will have two hours with me to get REALLY clear on at least one vision for 2020 that feels really juicy and exciting to you. Something that you can connect with on a daily basis and step by step, bit by bit, consciously move towards every day of the year so that you feel on purpose and aligned with your soul.

This is not me teaching at you for two hours.

This is you getting involved and doing the work. You’ll need to show up (on Zoom – so you can join from anywhere in the world), sleeves rolled up, pen and paper at the ready, poised to make magic happen.

When you join my workshop, you will get access to The Evolution Membership for the month of January which will be a chance for you to test it out. If you love it (and I think you will!) you can stay on for the year. If it’s not for you, you can leave. No hard feelings. I am here to serve you in a way that feels really good for you.

So, will you join me on Sunday 5th Jan (6-8pm GMT)? If you can’t join us live, not to worry, as the workshop will be recorded for you to watch back at any time (over and over if you like!).

If you are in, the investment for the workshop is £33.  It’s actually valued at £197!

That £33 also gets you all of the following for the month of January:

* Expert Masterclass with Cora Darlington – Monday 13th January 7-8pm GMT
Cora is a Self-Nurture & Life Balance Specialist and she is going to help us to set ourselves up for a year of achieving our goals, dreams and desires while maintaining our wellbeing. Cora will cover the topic of ‘Radical Self-Nurture’, how it is totally different to the ‘self-care’ that we hear and read so much about and why it is particularly critical to those of us in leadership roles, doing great work in the world.

* Group Coaching Call – Monday 27th January 7-9pm GMT
Let’s clear what is blocking you to making your vision happen! I am a therapeutic and transformational coach – my super power is seeing what beliefs you are running (which you are not at all aware of!) and how they WILL sabotage your 2020 vision.

* Community
A private Facebook group will allow you to journey safely with other like-minded souls.

* Daily Inspirational Messages
Get a motivational Love Note every day via our new App!

* Guided Meditations
Access to my full library of guided visualisations for both adults and children.

* Uplifting Music Playlist
Enjoy my ‘Shine’ playlist for a daily feel good boost!

* Discounts 
> 50% off all Digital Courses
> 10% off all live events hosted by The School of Self Love
So, on 5th January we will do our intentions workshop together.

Then on 13th January, as a Founding Member of EVOLUTION, you can join Cora’s masterclass. Goals are great but let’s not lose ourselves in the process, right!?

Then, at the end off the month, let’s do some deep-dive coaching to ensure you are ready to create the best year ever!

BONUS Inclusions when you join before 31 December

* Two x 1 hour money mindset trainings – valued at £197

* The Sunday Reflection Weekly Recognition Ritual Worksheet – valued at £50

* Instructions for preparing your Mind, Body & Spirit for Success – valued at £50

All you need to do is join Evolution Membership for one month and you get all of the above PLUS the 2020 Intentions Workshop with me.

For £33 you get £2000 worth of value.

My vision above is the reason why I am offering you this at such a low investment.

Aaah! I am SO excited to support you this year, starting with setting your goals, desires and dreams for 2020.

Let’s do this!

JOIN EVOLUTION MEMBERSHIP TODAY to get all of the above juiciness!

Just click HERE to get all the details.

See you on the other side – headed towards your evolution!

Big love,

Katie xx
Founder – The School of Self Love

PS.  Don’t wait until December 31 to sign up because when you join TODAY you get access to the bonuses immediately which means you can get a head start on the money trainings, enjoy the meditations (to keep you calm through the holiday season!) and start decluttering your life to ensure you have the space and bandwidth to begin 2020 feeling ready.

PPS. Please do join me on January 5th for the 2020 Intentions Workshop.  The full invitation is HERE for you to check out.

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