Every Woman has a Story

Anna Marie

Every woman has a story.

Every story is unique and yet within it is something Universal.

When a woman shares her story, it allows us to relate to her experience and we grow from that vulnerable sharing of her truth.


Because we know how it feels to feel less-than or not enough or left behind.

We know the pain of abandoning ourselves by submitting to fear and not fulfilling our desires. 

We know the frustration of feeling that we are meant for more but feeling stuck and not knowing how to make changes.

When we witness others experiencing the same and then overcoming, well that lifts us to what is possible! Suddenly there is a glimmer of hope when only a moment ago the next step seemed an impossibility.

There’s a sense of, “Well if she can do it, maybe I can too!?”


So, every now and then I will feature a woman’s story to inspire you.
Sometimes a woman that has worked with me will want to share her journey because she desires others to claim what she gave herself permission to have – whether that be a strong sense of self, a deep love and respect for who she is, a healthier bank balance, strengthened relationships or a new career path.
This week I am celebrating Anna-Marie!
Together we worked very specifically on transforming:


Permission to take up space



  • her feelings of anxiety, worry, fear & overwhelm
  • her relationship with herself & getting clarity on her values & desires
  • the deeply conditioned beliefs which were holding her hostage
  • her judgemental relationship with her body
  • a crippling need to please others before herself
  • her habit of being a chronic under-earner, in survival mode & shame around money
  • her career path & income potential
  • her soul destroying habit of playing small to keep safe


We achieved this through:

  • intensive laser-coaching sessions
  • expressive journalling
  • story telling
  • therapeutic drawing and painting
  • energetic releasing of emotions through writing and specific physical activities
  • 21 day celebrations
  • specific book recommendations
  • meditations and visualisations
  • affirmations, gratitudes and mantras
  • rituals and self-care
  • creating ‘desire budgets’ and income targets
  • investing in a support team
  • scheduling and planning exercises
  • regular homework activities and exercises
  • fierce accountability!

seek your worth


I smile when I think of the way Anna-Marie speaks of herself now. She says things like:

“I am bloody marvellous!”

“I am so proud that I am worth it!”

“I can do it!”

“It is simply not an option to go backwards!”

“I am in a fantastic place!”

“I have an innate sense of self-belief!”

“Abundance is my entitlement!”

“I’m feeling incredibly positive. My self-belief and love for myself grows daily, along with my self confidence!”

“I am complete”

“I am in awe of my body”

“Paris here we come!”

“Now I know what it means to thrive!”

“It’s time to get out there and be seen!”

This is what Anna-Marie would like to share, in her own words:


“Last January, I labelled 2014 ‘Project Me’.  I had just left a career that had quite literally run me ragged with no idea what I was going to do next, but in the knowledge that surely there had to be something more.  I needed a rest, but I also needed desperately to reconnect with who I was, not to mention stop running away from my anxiety issues, by constantly making my life as busy as possible.  It was quite literally time to face my demons.  The prospect terrified me, but I also knew that I could no longer stay in the place where I had been spinning for so many years.   So, for the first time I started to read self development books, I introduced basic mindfulness to my daily routine, I researched everything I could around finding ways to connect with who I truly am.  And you know what?  I made progress, but not enough progress to tackle my lifelong anxiety and in my heart of hearts, I knew that I couldn’t move further forward without doing so.  On the face of it, I came across to others as self assured, together and always on top of things but I was tired of constantly facing the world with a smile on my face, when inside I felt fearful, defeated, limited and disengaged from my own authenticity.  In fact, I wasn’t even really sure who the authentic me was….

And then I took a leap of faith and committed to a Discovery Call with Katie.  Within 10 minutes she had gently and reassuringly help me to opening the door to what mattered to me most – meeting and accepting who I really am and learning to love & trust myself for it.  Coming away from that call was one of the most positive and terrifying things ever.  I was fighting the thought of investing in myself for the very first time.  I had no idea what I was walking into and I felt scared.  But then I discovered the thought of deciding NOT to work with Katie brought an even greater fear – of staying where I was.  I had taken myself to the cusp of change and could glimpse how much better things might be if I could wake in the morning with eyes filled with excitement for the day ahead, as opposed to dread for what it might bring my way.   But I couldn’t do this without the right support.  So I made a massive leap of faith and committed to a VIP Intensive with Katie. 

Here I am several months later having completed Katie’s 90 Day Self-Love Affair programme.  Hand on heart, it has been the most monumental and positive experience in every respect.  Katie allayed my initial fears not just by being her gorgeous, supportive, compassionate, professional and intelligent self, but also because she has ‘been there, done that’, and is proudly wearing the t-shirt.  She quite simply, walks her talk in every aspect of her life.  Katie isn’t trying to teach you a new way to live, she is instead gifting you a safe space in which to discover for yourself who you are, in all your glory and assisting you in learning how to acknowledge what really rocks your world and lights you up.   Believe me, it takes work – real work and the more you put in, the more you get out of it – but Katie is skilled at what she does.  She is there with you every step of the way, encouraging you, inviting you to explore the parts of you that you may have buried, discounted or at worst disowned, and then celebrating your discoveries with you. The bottom line? I’ve changed, my life is changing, the world is a pretty sunshiny place these days, my anxieties don’t dictate my days, I am doing things and taking action in a way that 6 months ago I would have found impossible. I’m excited about my future and I am quite literally carving out a new path – personally and professionally. I’ve learnt that the very parts of me that i spent so many years running from and berating, are in fact the best of me. And even begtter now, I love those parts of me! Yes, I have to keep doing the work, but Katie has shown me the practical tools and those are now integrated into who i am and how i behave. Would I turn the clock back, do I question my decision to work with Katie, do I think I could have achived all this alone? Not for a moment! Trust that you’ve found Katie for a reason. Go with it, take a lep of faith. you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve wioth Katie on your team. If you grab it with both hands, you’ll be in for a magical journey! 

What a woman! Wouldn’t you agree?

If Anna- Marie’s story resonated with you and you would like to know more about working with me, why don’t we speak? I would like to invite you to have a complimentary discovery call with me. Just click here. It’s the first step to  bigger you!


 Big Love,

Katie xx

P.S. Please remember, how you feel and how you live your life IS your choice. It may not feel like it….but trust me, if I can do it and Anna-Marie can do it and so many of my other clients are doing it, so can you. x


A woman's guide to a daring and mighty life


  • Life isn’t about surviving! It’s to be thrived!

    My signature mentorship programme is for women who are:

    * done with keeping up appearances and desire to smile authentically because you genuinely feel calm and at peace on the inside;

    * feeling a victim to your life and desire to transform unhealthy and limiting thoughts into positive, expansive and loving beliefs that equip you to thrive in life;

    * driven and successful but cannot seem to achieve fulfilment and unconditional love in your personal life;

    * feeling like an emotional yo-yo and desire to experience consistent feelings of ease, freedom and joy;

    * struggling with low self-belief and self-esteem and desire confidence that has you shining from the inside out, bravely stepping into a life that you are really proud of;

    * sensing that you are meant for more and desire to connect with your purpose;

    * fed up with reading books on how to improve your experience of life and ready to take action, be held accountable and 100% supported.

    Feeling unknown to yourself
    Are you ready to connect with your Spirit and be a true expression of the infinite beautiful truth that is you?

    If you are ready to invest in yourself, I can show you how to:

    * master limiting, negative and destructive thoughts by unveiling specifically why you experience them;

    * regain control over uncomfortable patterns of behaviour by connecting you to their root cause;

    * manage your emotional roller-coaster by giving you a bespoke set of life-long-lasting tools;

    * connect with your values, desires and truth by developing a compassionate and loving relationship with your true self;

    * create open-hearted, joyful, loving relationships by showing you how to love yourself first;

    * develop deep self-belief and a confidence to trust yourself by supporting and encouraging your relationship with your Spirit;

    * access your wisdom and power to create an unlimited life that you love and are so proud of!

    * commit to yourself and your life by guiding, supporting and holding you accountable every step of the way (because you are done with trying to figure it out on your own!)

    * create nurturing time and space just for you, honoring the truth and beauty of all that you are and all that you are meant for.

    you are free


If you would like my 100% focussed and expert attention, access to my proven transformational tools and techniques and a nurturing space in which to learn to love yourself, let’s speak. 

I offer complimentary Discovery Calls to women who are ready to do the work and commit to themselves and their life. If you are ready to invest in yourself, I would love to get to know you better and explore if working with me is the right fit for you.

The 90 Day Self-Love Affair offers:

* Comprehensive homework packet to be completed before we meet;
* One day coaching intensive at Ockenden Manor, including lunch;
* Overnight retreat at Ockenden Manor Spa after your Intensive, including dinner, breakfast and spa;
* Weekly one-hour support calls x 12 – recorded for you to listen to again and again;
* Recorded meditations and visualisations;
* A Daring & Mighty Journal.

Investment: £5000


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