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Us gals love a quiz, don’t we. Come on, admit it! I bet you secretly do the Q&A’s in the glossy mags!!

Wanna know if you are living a life that is Daring and Mighty?

Here’s 10 quick questions for you to consider….

1. Your partner has decided to join his buddies after work for a few drinks. Do you:

a) Say, ‘Enjoy yourself babe, you deserve a night out!’ then spend the evening lamenting, ‘It’s alright for HIM! I never get to go out!’ while numbing out your hurt and lonely feelings with a few glasses of wine and TV.

b) Say, ‘But you went out last week! I ‘spose I’ll do kids bed and bath time alone. Again.’ Immediately followed up with a call to a girlfriend to rage together about how all men are bastards and that he is probably having an affair.

c) Feel genuinely delighted he is chilling with his mates because you regularly prioritise time to do fun and nurturing things for yourself. It’s nice to see him doing the same.

d) Call a baby-sitter and take the opportunity to grab an impromptu meal with a gal pal.

2. You are continually stressed at work and dread each day, often finding respite by taking extended loo breaks allowing you to hide away or have a cry. Do you:

a) Write long lists of pro’s and con’s for the job, searching for a reason to leave? And no matter the content and length of those lists, can never find the answer.

b) Hide how you feel from your friends and family, put on a brave face, decide to suck it up and keep going because God forbid you ‘give up’, ‘quit’, or ‘fail’.

c) Allow yourself to feel what you feel and accept those feelings. Then, choose how you would prefer to feel and prioritise finding a solution that will give you that relief.

d) Remind yourself of all the jobs you HAVE loved and succeeded at, of all your achievements, the personal challenges you have overcome – all proof of your resilience, strength, capability and intelligence. With that evidence, you are empowered to make some changes!

3. You are running late for an appointment and for the life of you, you can’t find a parking space. Do you:

a) Drive around in circles, effing and blinding at the 4×4’s that have clearly taken up two spaces, beg the car park manager to squeeze you in somewhere before screeching off to find ‘another, more accommodating & friendly car-park because this one is clearly managed by morons!’

b) Tell yourself that you are typically hopeless, that you are always late and will never ever succeed at anything, ever. Cry, give up, and go home. There was no point in getting out of bed today.

c) Take a deep breath and ask the parking attendant where the next nearest car park is. As you drive there, you visualise a rock-star spot and glide straight in. Would you believe, it’s cheaper to park here too!

d) This never happens to me. I visualise my parking space before I leave the house and it is always there waiting for me. And yes, I do feel rather smug…!

4. You are constantly questioning your relationship. Do you:

a) Run the pro’s and con’s of your man over and over in your head until you are giddy and confused? And besides, no matter the cons, you always come to the conclusion that you simply can’t leave because of money, the kids, the house, the disappointed family, the dog, the cost of the wedding…..

b) Throw yourself into your work, the kids, domestic chores, a bottle of wine so you don’t have the time, space or clarity to really think about it. Because you know in your gut that the fear of the unknown, of potentially being alone, of telling him how you feel, of couples counseling of not being worthy enough or pretty enough or young enough for anyone else to ever want you should you part ways is unbearable….

c) Allow yourself these thoughts and feelings and hand over your next move to God. You have total faith that you are held safe by an unlimited, loving Universe and so you will survive your feelings. You trust that you and your partner will be guided to the next best step – whether that is together or apart.

d) Take this as a cue to spend time reacquainting yourself with you, because in your gut you sense your disappointment in him is a reflection of where you are not finding fulfillment in your own life. You take responsibility for yourself and explore your feelings, beliefs and behaviours.

5. You are tired, flat, run down and moody. Do you:

a) Blame your partner, the kids, the job, life. After-all, life is hard! Your life is a long string of thankless tasks and there is simply no time, no money and no support available to you. Ever. What can you do except carry on?

b) Try to work out ways to get everything done more efficiently. You think, ‘I just have to try harder.’ ‘If I could just get it right, I wouldn’t feel tired and grumpy.’ ‘Other women can do it so I should too.’

c) Listen to your body and assess what it is in your life which is causing you to feel less than healthy and balanced. Create a plan to get the support and help you need because how you feel is your number one priority.

d) Take a day off for instant respite, allowing yourself to tune into the needs of your Spirit.  Then schedule daily ‘me time’ to ensure you are living a life that is a balanced and authentic reflection of you.

6. Someone or something has made you justifiably angry. Do you:

a) Yell and cry in a way that resembles a tantrum.

b) Kick the bin, slam a door, throw a mug ….. you get the drift!

c) Take a few breaths before speaking your truth or go for a walk before writing that email

d) Book a boxing session to express yourself healthily because you are allowed to feel anger.

7. You wake up to your day feeling:

a) Tired, anxious and stressed because you are on a tread-mill that you do not know how to escape. You are trapped.

b) Flat, bored and lacking inspiration. You know there is more to you and more to life but it seems life is passing you by and you don’t know what would light you up.

c) Rested, calm and grateful. Your spiritual practices keep you feeling connected, balanced and able to handle all that life throws at you – whether it be an opportunity or a curve ball.

d) Excited for the day ahead. You are the designer of your life. You create your reality. And it feels great!


8. You have a big decision to make. Do you:

a) Ask friends and family for their opinion, only to feel more confused than ever with all their ‘helpful advice’ swirling about in your head.

b) Feel totally overwhelmed and hand over the decision making process to your partner, or, avoid making a decision all together. Either way, you have lost an opportunity to have what you desire.

c) Trust your gut and take a chance because you know that when you listen to your intuition, you are following your heart. So, no matter the outcome, you have been true to you.

d) Refer to your personal values. You know that if all those boxes are ticked, then you are making a decision that is right for you.

9. When you walk into a room you:

a) Feel very self conscious. You are worried about what you are wearing, how you are walking, what others are thinking or saying.

b) Look for the safety of a bar or a familiar face. God forbid you find yourself talking to a total stranger without a drink in your hand. You worry you can’t hold a conversation.

c) Shine from the inside out. You know and trust yourself and you accept your vulnerability. With that confidence and authenticity, meeting new people feels easy.

d) Feel as if you have something special and valuable to share with the world and you are excited at the opportunity to meet new people.

10. I often feel:

a) Angry and out of control because my emotions are like a roller-coaster.

b) Guilty because no matter what I do, I am either letting myself or others down somehow.

c) Free because I am empowered to be the best version of me.

d) Happy because I have given myself permission to create a life I love.

If you mostly answered A’s and B’s I would like to invite you to hang out with me. Why? Because I HAVE BEEN THERE! I know how you feel. But, this isn’t about throwing a pity party. No way! I discovered a way out! I can show you how to quit the drama, to escape the entrapment, to move away from anger and hurt and upset.

Vibrationally you can make a shift and begin to feel empowered, fulfilled, happy, abundant, light, free, joyful and calm!

Inner peace is our natural state.
Happiness is our natural state.
Love is our natural state.

If your answers to my quiz above have got you thinking that it’s time for a change, then please do join me on on google hangout on  13th March at 1pm. Google hangout is an instant messaging and video chat platform. You get to type in your questions while I answer them live via video.

Hope to hang with you  then. You CAN live a life that is Daring and Mighty!

For more information or to sign up for the hangout, click here:

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