Heal Your Humanness


I’ve never felt comfortable to be introduced as a ‘Life Coach’. Something about it didn’t sit right with me and I finally understand why.

I had the pleasure of meeting a woman recently who described herself as a THERAPEUTIC COACH.

Lightbulb moment!

Funny isn’t it how powerful language is and how important it can be to put words to what we do. It’s not about labelling or a title. Two words that better describe what I do feels so empowering for me. Not least, I’m NLP trained and my master coach training is founded in humanistic psychotherapy principals.

The process I have developed when working with clients is one that takes us back before moving forward. I have never once been able to move forward with a client without spending some time looking backwards. How long we spend in the past is usually determined by the client’s own healing journey – the therapy / healing / coaching he/she has already experienced – sometimes it’s just a quick peek into childhood and sometimes we go back and forth many many times, a bit like flicking tv channels – present day > childhood > desired future > childhood > present day etc.

What I absolutely take a stand for is MOVING A CLIENT FORWARD. Unlike traditional therapy, we are forward focussed rather than past focussed. There IS a place for therapy – It’s been a part of my own transformational journey. Then there’s a time for coaching. But I have never met a client who hasn’t been blocked in some way by something historical – NO MATTER HOW MUCH THERAPY they have experienced.

Our beliefs are usually multi-layered. Our emotional responses are usually multi-layered. Moving toward what we desire – whether that be a healthier relationship, a career shift or  feeling more connected and compassionate with yourself – usually requires us to heal something mentally and/or emotionally on a new level. And so we’ve gotta flick the channel a few times.

I also take a stand for the idea that a person IS ALREADY HEALED. I see the light and perfection in my clients. They are not damaged. There’s nothing wrong with them. As spiritual beings, they are pure love with great purpose. I get excited to help them realise their potential. My expertise allows them to heal their humanness and be who they came here to be.

I believe the experience of HEALING OUR HUMANNESS is what we are all here to do. As a Therapeutic Coach, my role is to expertly, compassionately and passionately guide that experience.

And then there’s the WOO WOO. This post isn’t complete without bringing in the woo.

So often my clients and I simply cannot put into words what happens in a coaching session except to say a MIRACLE happened. I am an empath with an intuitive ability that I’m still learning to trust because it blows me away. I have learned that no amount of training or qualifications (and I have my fair share) can create change in a client as much as simply holding the space for miracles to occur. Life / God / The Universe / Source Energy is way more powerful than anything I can do or say with a client. Even though it’s often the words I speak and the space I hold and the homework I give that guides the client’s healing, we both know that I am often not the source of that. Something much larger is at play and we surrender to that power and allow it to speak through us both.

My Therapeutic Coaching has helped men and women in a myriad of ways. Here’s a handful of examples:

Several years single and unable to find love > Met her man and had a baby

On edge of bankruptcy > Quarter million client

Corporate exhaustion, burn-out, anaemia, regular ailments >  Rested, energised, major dietary shifts, good health

Trapped in a chaotic cycle of progress /burn-out / start-again > Calm and focus are a new daily norm

Successful business > Increased income 40%

Surgical complications making sex ‘impossible’ > Healthy, pain free sex life

Working for someone else and not able to leave > Resigned and started own business very successfully

Unable to take time off the corporate treadmill > Sabbatical, cooking lessons, travel, fun

30 years of Chronic Fatigue and M.E > Energised and no longer living with M.E.

Years on anti-depressants > Drug free

Unable to acknowledge and receive own success  > Able to say ‘I am proud of my success’ and now receiving even more!

Stuck in a failing business, entrenched in ‘achievement’ cycle > Sold business, began to ‘live’ and be ‘free’, launched creative new business

Conscious parent that wanted to feel more connected to her daughter > Empowered, expansive, deeply connected parenting

Trapped, unhappy, self critical, rudderless, mentally heavy > Total self-love, excitement for life, mentally free, able to make decisions

Lack of joy & fun, can’t afford it / no time for it / couldn’t give self permission to have it > private dance classes, job change, travel, yoga, spontaneous joyful running down the street!

Husband felt responsible for his wife’s happiness > No more pressure to please each-other! Total release of burden.

Wanting a promotion but lacking leadership skills > Secured promotion and able to show up at boardroom table with confidence and assertiveness

Lack of fun in relationship > Holidays and quality time together!

Unable to connect to self or take time for self > Journalling, Meditation, Growing, Flourishing, Breathing

Angry > Vulnerable, empowered, released, open hearted

Constant battle internally, very low self worth > Self acceptance, self esteem, self respect, self worth

‘I am weak’, ‘I am not brave’,’ I am not achieving anything’ > ‘I am proud of who I am’

‘I don’t know what I want’ > Values defined, desires defined, empowered and flourishing in career and personal life



If you are ready to ‘heal your humanness’ and move forward, I would like to help you.

I created a process called ‘The Reset Experience’ which has been getting clients massive shifts and moving them forward in ONE session.

I have decided to offer FIVE ‘Reset’ experiences – that’s one a week between now and Christmas.

This is a two hour coaching experience with a follow-up call. Let’s do your session before Christmas to finish off 2019 with a sense of healing, closure and optimism for the year ahead. We can have your follow-up call in January to set you up for 2020 – on purpose and with intention.

All you need to do is find two hours in your calendar in the next 5 weeks. These sessions are conducted over Zoom so you can be anywhere in the world.

CLICK HERE to find out more about THE RESET

Katie xx

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