Got A Big Mission But Feeling Paper-Thin With Burn Out?

Last night I was invited to attend a supper club for game changing women. I was honoured to be in incredible company – powerful, soulful, intelligent women who were all incredibly driven to make a difference in the world.

These women were all c-suite level with big and bold purpose, vision and drive.

They care deeply about humanity and our environment.

These are the kind of women that can change the world – and are.


Nearly every single woman in the room had a story of recent burn-out or were living in a state of daily burn-out. Several were unwell, had headaches and were utterly exhausted but you couldn’t tell to look at them – they were brave and vulnerable enough to honestly share their truth in this safe space. The question that resonated all evening – and I mean ALL evening – was, ‘is it really possible to have it all’.

These women also had partners, husbands, wives, children, elderly parents.

I heard comments like, “it’s so so hard to see my Mum so aged, so lacking purpose, so mentally unwell because all her life she was driven by work and now has no identity….I don’t want to end up like that”.

These women were desperately trying to figure out a way to leave the office without guilt at a reasonable time so they could be the one to meet their child/ren from after-school club and spend some quality time with them. If they didn’t have children, it was a desire to simply have a bit of personal time to go to the gym or enjoy a walk along the river or read a book (god forbid!). Their children / wellbeing / mental health were clearly a very high value and yet justifying taking time for this was so so painful. Not least, their bigger global vision was so compelling. Those that did manage to ‘escape early’ were exhausted by the pressure to do so much in a shorter space of time and the guilt they carried – which as we all know is such a weight on our shoulders – was pushing them to a level of exhaustion that had them feeling paper-thin.

Can you relate?

When I walked into this room of women I felt at home – these were my people. They were Daring & Mighty. I felt re-assured that our planet was in safe hands – these were the sorts of women that were going to turn it all around.

BUT, how the f*** can the world be saved by these incredible women if they are burned out??

If they are not well slept, healthy and fulfilled beyond their mission, how can they bring their best, most inspired self to those boardroom tables where global change can happen?

Why does there have to be a down-side to the offering of their brilliance?Why does there have to be such soul destroying sacrifice to the individual who is offering such revolutionary thinking to our world?

It was heartbreaking to bear witness to this truth….which we don’t really ‘see’ because these women care more about their mission than their tiredness. They will smile and push through because they actually LOVE what they do. They have fab clothes and make-up to cover it all up too. We only see their achievement, accolades, awards.

But at what cost.

Their most precious relationships are suffering. Their health is suffering. They are desperate to be free.

So what’s the solution? How can we have it all?

A few said, “It’s impossible to have it all. It’s not a goal to go after. We need to learn to let some stuff slide / not try to do it all / outsource / not take on extra roles of responsibility etc etc”.

I hear that. And there’s much truth to it.

AND, this goes deeper.

What about the need to feel significant, loved, heard, seen, important.These are basic human needs and they can be fulfilled from either a wounded or a healed place. If we didn’t have this experience in early life, it’s likely we will put ourselves in positions in the world where those needs get met. But at what cost? When we can learn to meet those fundamental needs in a healthy way, the world will get the best of us.

Imaging knowing you are enough, just as you are – without external validation!

Would that be a relief to you?

What about learning to master the balance between masculine and feminine energy – internally and externally. I strongly believe the feminine will heal our planet – it’s a loving, creative, collaborative, sustainable energy. It values ‘being’. It receives. Our world is dominated by the masculine – the achieving, pushing, striving, action taking energy. It values ‘doing’. It gives.

We need both.

We need to LEARN how to balance both.  As individuals, as a society and as a planet.

It starts with the individual.

These women are bringing their feminine energy to the boardroom which is INCREDIBLE. Their compassion, creativity, collaborative skill are feminine game changing qualities.

AND, these women have not learned how to RECEIVE for themselves because no-one has shown them. For hundreds of years we have been operating within a masculine model. There’s another way.

This world WILL be saved by the feminine.

Today’s game changing women need to learn the masculine / feminine dance.

They need to learn how to receive their significance and love in a healthier way.

They need to learn how to love themselves in order to grant themselves PERMISSION to put themselves first – knowing their mission and the people they love most WILL receive better from them.

Time is ticking….

Some solutions that were offered up which I whole-heartedly agreed with:

  • Get expert support to teach, guide and mentor you home to your true self – get to know and love yourself, learn how to do life differently so you can have the impact and relationships you desire to have.
  • Get ‘spotted’ (you know, like in the gym with your trainer) – have someone on your team keeping an eye on you, holding you accountable as you learn a new way of being
  • Be in community – it’s impossible to do it alone. Your mission is too important. YOU are too important. The feminine knows how to ask for help (that’s the first step to receiving) and she THRIVES in community. She withers and dies if left alone….like any beautiful flower left untended.

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See you on the other side – headed towards your evolution!

Big love,

Katie xx
Founder – The School of Self Love

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