How to be single during the holiday season

Holidays can accentuate the fact that you are single – at least that was my experience. 

I celebrate Christmas and at that time of year I was either spending Christmas with my little boy or alone (as his Dad and I alternated ‘Santa’ each year).

I loved it when my son was with me. The sad side was that it was just him and I so I felt the singledom deeply. My family were in Australia too so I waited to be invited to someone for Christmas or I invited myself. One Christmas I took us to Lapland and we searched for Santa – it was absolutely wonderful. And, it was just the two of us. I will never forget sitting opposite my son at Christmas dinner in a hotel restaurant and I VOWED that this would be the last Christmas I would spend alone. It wasn’t….

I also loved it when I had time alone. Christmas then became a bit of an adventure and I would travel. One year I spent it with close friends in Morocco. It was fab. And, I was still alone – with their family, their children, witnessing their love. I craved that family experience SO deeply. And I missed my little boy.

I am really really good at making the best of situations. I am a naturally positive thinker and I love to look outside the box for alternate ways of doing life. I always found ways to see the positive side of being a single parent and there were many many up sides. My bond with my son was wonderful too.

But there was no denying that deep in my soul I yearned to love and be loved.

Even in the early days of being single when I knew I wasn’t ready for a relationship and knew I needed to heal and focus on me, I still felt my singleness deeply. A wounded part of me would be triggered and I would find myself wondering if there was something wrong with me that I couldn’t have the kind of relationship I saw others having (even though I know the reality is no-one’s relationship is absolutely perfect).

On today’s show I want to talk about this a little more and share some tips and ideas on how to be single during the holiday season. It applies not just to Christmas but to Summer holidays, Easter holidays and other celebrations too, when it seems like everyone else is loved up and playing happy families!

I hope you will join me.

Katie xx

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