How to become financially independent so that you can live your best life


This month in The Love Lounge (AKA my Inner Circle!) the theme is money. It’s SUCH an exciting topic!

So, this month on my Cuppa With Katie shows I am going to be talking about MONEY!

Money is a masculine energy and when we learn to have a more empowered relationship with it, our relationship with the masculine can begin to heal (and vice versa!). I’ve not yet met a woman that couldn’t do with healing her relationship to the masculine a little more 😉 because it touches every aspect of our lives.

In this week’s episode I am joined by special guest, Rachel Green.

Rachel founded ‘Social Media Mumz Boss’ because she is passionate about helping mums to realise their true potential by starting them on their journey to financial independence. Like me, she is all about empowering women and she does that by helping mums start their own business in the space of social media management.

I am going to chat with Rachel about her thoughts on how you can make more money so that you can have a more fulfilled life. We will explore :

1) Traditional jobs (income ceiling) vs. entrepreneurship (no income ceiling).

2) The truth that women are amazing and can do anything they set their minds to!

3) How Rachel helps mums build the life of their dreams through building a social media management business from home.

If you love what Rachel shares on this week’s show, then you will want to join her FREE event where she will teach you exactly how to get started as a social media manager mum in 3 simple steps!

Here’s the link to register : 

(This is an affiliate link which I am proud to share because I have known Rachel personally for sometime and can vouch for her professionalism and expertise! You are in safe hands.)

With love,

Katie xx

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In my membership community there’s multiple masterclasses on money – how to attract it, create it and manage it. And so much more!

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