Oracle Card Reading

Hey Lover!

Today I feel inspired to pull an oracle card from my favourite deck – ‘Wild Kuan Yin’ by Alana Fairchild.

I love to blend mindset coaching and emotional release work with grounded spirituality – for me you need a blend of all three for life long lasting change.

So today, let’s lean into the bodhisattva Kuan Yin – a being who has dedicated her spiritual path to the freedom and happiness of all beings. She is a face of the Divine Mother (Mother Mary and the dark goddess Kali are others you may be familiar with) and her soul purpose is to help all humanity awaken to live their divine destiny.

I have had this oracle deck for 6 years. I bought it with James at Chalice Wells in Glastonbury. I pull a card every week in The Love Lounge and it blows us away how on point the message usually is in relation to a topic I’ve been speaking to.

I trust that the message today is supportive for you.

With love,

Katie xx

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