I feel like I’ve landed.

Hi from Huntsville 👋

I snapped this pic this morning because I wanted to capture how I was feeling.


In my body. In my soul. In my new house.

I feel like I’ve landed.

I’ve been here for two months. We still have some furniture to buy and there’s still some relocation admin to do, but I feel like I now know this is home.

For several weeks there I felt in limbo. Unsettled. On edge. My survival senses are on high alert.

There’s still a lot to figure out and I still need satnav to get me about (what the hell did we do before ‘Waze’?!?!). I don’t have a grocery shopping routine and haven’t found a favourite coffee shop. But I’m less scared of snakes, spiders, and birds of prey. And I’m starting to drive without gripping the steering wheel so tight. So I’m definitely winning!!

My word for this year was TRUST and my soul directive was to STOP & SLOW DOWN. I’m even more intentional with this now. I’m less ‘busy’ with the move so more available to truly step back. I’ll keep you posted on that journey as it unfolds.

Hilariously it feels like a much bigger quest than moving country!!

So watch this space as I land even more and go even more slowly. I wonder what my soul knows is awaiting me. I’m living in anticipation and totally up for the ride!!

With love,

Katie xx


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