If only ….

I wish I wish I wish that my Mum had access to the incredible information and wisdom that is jam packed in the 2024 Pro-Age Woman Virtual Summit.

She was navigating the end of a relationship. There was uncertainty about her work and where she would live. She didn’t have a plan for part two of her life. And all of this uncertainty exacerbated her physical, mental and emotional hormonal symptoms making life feel impossible and insurmountable. So she chose to end her life.

Yes, it was tragic and it’s an extreme example of what can happen when a woman is not empowered with the support she deserves.

If she had the information that is available now, I know in my heart she would be here today.

If she knew how to manage her physical symptoms, she wouldn’t have thought there was something terribly wrong with her with no end in site.

If she knew how to love herself and create an emotional resilience and mental mastery to navigate her hormonal changes as well as the major life, work and relationship changes she was facing I know she would be here today.

If she knew that part two of her life could actually be a space of incredible creation, alignment and authentic purpose she would be here thriving and helping others because she had such a big beautiful heart!

She would be enjoying being the most amazing Grandma to her gorgeous grandchildren.

She would have found love again and enjoyed being supported by a King of a man which she so deeply deserved.

We would get to sit and drink tea and eat scones together. And enjoy a glass of wine and a giggle!

I miss her SO much and I am choosing to dedicate my work to her now.

She died when she was 3 months away from turning 50. I am that same age now and I am so freak’n grateful for the healing work I have done to bring me to a place of deep self knowing and self love so that I can move into the 2nd chapter of my life with hope, excitement and joy.

I am so grateful to be able to help other women through my writing, teaching and coaching.

My interview goes live on 3rd May. Here’s the link > https://theproagewomansummit.com/kaph

Katie x

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