She told me I needed eye cream for my wrinkles …

On the weekend I was walking by a store that sold skincare products. A woman stopped me and asked if I would like to try an under-eye cream that would remove the wrinkles around my eyes.

She said I could do with some help with my ’11’s and laughter lines’.  I actually thought my skin was looking pretty great for a woman about to be 50…

She proceeded to tell me that it was $499 but today only I could get it for $199.

I said I didn’t come to the shopping mall to buy very expensive eye cream – I was there to buy a prom suit for my son.

She said, “It sounds like you are good at looking after others and not yourself”

I said, “Actually I am pretty good at prioritising myself. In fact, I wrote a book on it”

She said, “But it sounds like you don’t spend money on yourself”

I smiled and very politely left.

I’ve been pondering the suggestion that I don’t spend money on myself.

I absolutely love using my money to buy things for my son. It makes me SO happy. I genuinely receive a lot of joy from it and he is a grateful kid.


I receive most of my joy from things that don’t cost anything at all. Like the sunshine, walking in nature with my dog, hanging out with James and Finn, pottering in the garden, watering my house plants, listening to the birds in the morning. I could go on and on!


I recently bought myself business class flights to Bali. Among other very lovely things.


I don’t value eye cream. I am pretty invested right now in learning to love and accept my wrinkles. So much so that I ventured into that shopping mall without any make-up.


I unapologetically use and invest my money in what I value.

Like I said, I wrote a book on it. I get it – self love is where it’s at.

Which leads me to share about my current offerings.

April’s theme in The Love Lounge™ is ‘Health & Wellbeing’ so our healing circle and breathwork practice has been designed specifically to support you with Body Love!  This couldn’t be more perfectly timed as it’s already supporting me with loving my nearly 50 year old body. I want to reach 50 and feel able to authentically praise, accept and love my body. #goals!

If you desire to know and love yourself – whether you are just starting out or have been on the path for some time and want to go deeper – check out what’s on offer below.

I got you.


I love ya!
Katie xx


Body Love – Breathwork Healing Session with Katie 

2nd May – Zoom

8 – 9.30pm (BST) / 2 – 3:30pm (CST) / 3 – 4:30pm (EDT) / 5 – 6:30am on 3rd (AEST)

Find out more >


The Embodied Retreat with Katie & Sam

13 – 15th September

Joshua Tree, California

Find out more >



Where self love creates lasting love

Find out more >


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