Immerse Yourself in Self Love

All masters of their field immerse themselves in their craft. Professional sportspeople live and breath their sport because they know that to achieve their goal, it is the only way. Talk to any Olympic Medalist or Wold Cup Footballer or Wimbledon Champion – they live their sport. They ‘be’ their sport. They ‘are’ their sport. They watch past matches or events & study their performance and that of their opponents. They visualise crossing the finish line first or hitting the winning shot because they know that their brain doesn’t know the difference between imagining it and actually doing it. They know they can re-create that vision if they train their brain to believe it is possible. Their body just follows. They repeat affirmations which deeply ingrain the belief that their goal already exists. It is a done deal. They feel themselves already in possession of the trophy or medal – they know what it will feel like to physically hold that solid piece of gold and how joyful and excited they will be. They have a team of coaches, from mental to physical – all gearing them up to achieve their goal. They are obsessed with watching their sport on TV and attending live competitions. They read books which support their vision. They listen to music which keeps them pumped for success and calm for the edge. They practice their craft every day. Often twice or three times a day. They fuel their body with the food that will keep them in elite condition.

Are you getting the picture?

Every aspect of their being is immersed in their sport and in their goal.

Why should loving yourself be any different? There is an art to it. Mastering Self Love requires immersion.

So dive in ladies! Dive deep into that enriching and invigorating pool of spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual love. Listen to music that will nourish your soul and keep you on a high vibration. Watch movies and documentaries that will educate and support your journey. Read books that will inspire and delight you. Get your body involved in activity that will nurture and enliven you. Connect with your Spirit in a way that works for you – it could be meditation or walking on the beach. Hang out with people on the same mission. Ditch people who bring you down or tell you that you are not worth loving. Baloney!  You are awesome. Surround yourself with every tool available to you to support that belief until you own it. Know it. Live it.

Treading the Daring & Mighty path is for the brave woman. And that woman knows that every single thing she engages with – whether emotional, physical or spiritual – affects her journey to Self Love. She can choose to hamper and slow down that journey or enhance and accelerate it. She can also choose to enjoy it!

What do you choose?

With love, as always.

Katie x

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