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You are a Spirit in a Body and your Spirit wants to evolve and grow. When you make the decision to deeply know yourself, enabling you to create a life that you love, you are living your PURPOSE because you are connecting into the mission your Spirit pre-planned for this Human experience. I know that may sound a bit woo waa, but please stay with me!

As a Spirit, we must recognise that we have a Spiritual Team who is supporting us on our mission. You are not alone. You have the light of the Universe holding you. A groovy gang of Spirit Guides directing and advising you. A host of Angels healing and protecting you. You don’t need to do this Daring & Mighty work alone. In fact, you would not be honouring your Spirit if you tried! Your Spirit is hooked up with a mighty team that loves you unconditionally and is right behind you, every step of the way.

So, I call on my TEAM whenever I need them. Depending on what’s going on for me, I know who to tune into for guidance, support or healing.

Us women love a ‘sign’, right! I love that scene in ‘Eat Pray Love’ when Liz sits on the bathroom floor in floods of tears, praying to God to be told what to do next. And, she is told to go back to bed. We get what we need in that moment. At 3 in the morning, shattered and emotional, that is what she needed to do!

I love a sign too and I tune into my Guides regularly for guidance. I am currently coaching a group of women and this weeks subject has been, ‘My Spirit My Truth’. They are excited to learn more about their Spirit Guides and are learning to connect via a rather powerful meditation I recorded for them. It’s an exciting week with all sorts of miraculous happenings. So, because that seems to be this weeks theme, I thought I would share a quick ‘Spirit Guide 101’ with you. I hope it answers some questions!


  • A non-physical being selected by your Spirit or Higher Self to guide you through your Human experience.
  • Their role is to support and guide you to fulfill the purpose you chose before being born.
  • They take on many appearances – some people have rather exotic guides – Native American Indians or Tibetan Monks – others have more regular guides – An Old Man or Nurse.
  • Guides are energetic beings so they don’t exactly have a sex but they do tend to take on a male or female energy which you will be able to sense.
  • You can have more than 1 guide. Some stay with you your entire life. Some pop in & out of your life as and when you need them.
  • Some guides are more evolved than others. You may have a highly ascended master such as Jesus or Buddha on your team. Or, you may have more simple spirits who have a mastery in some area that you knew you would need in this lifetime. You may even have a deceased relative on your team.
  • They communicate with you in a way that will be unique to you & it will take practice to discover how you can interpret their messages. After some practice, eventually you will be able to just close your eyes and call on your Guide for advice whenever you need it.


  • Intuition – how you receive a gut feeling will depend largely on whether you are Clairvoyant (see images), Claircognizant (‘just know’), Clairaudient (hear a message) or Clairsentient (feel it in your body).
  • Signs – Signals, synchronicities and signs will often come to you repeatedly until you interpret it. The key is to pay attention! If you are not sure a sign is ‘real’, just ask that it be shown to you again in some way so that you ‘know’ it is the truth, in no uncertain terms!
  • Dreams – often a feeling from a dream will help to guide our next steps or give us an answer.
  • Send someone to you – co-incidentally someone will come into your life that will give you a clue or answer you needed.
  • Nudging – circumstances out of your control may happen which ensure you are in a certain place at a certain time.


  • Journalling (great if you are Clairaudient) – write (typed or handwritten) until you ‘know’ the dialogue is coming from your Guide
  • Meditation – tune in to the frequency of your Guide and ask for a message or an answer to a question. Keep asking questions & hearing answers until you ‘know’ the answer is coming from your Guide. The answers will be given to you in a way that will match your intuitive modality.
  • Dreams – ask that an answer be given to you while you sleep. How you ‘felt’ about a dream will guide you to the answer you were looking for.  Divination Tools – some people like to use pendulums, tarot cards or muscle testing.
  • Learn to listen to your intuition!
  • Take notice of signs and synchronicities!

Remember, often a Guide will not give you an exact answer. Rather, you may be given an opportunity to work something out for yourself by giving you signs and signals to direct you towards the answer. You didn’t choose a life on Earth that was easy! You were looking for a challenge, to help you to grow. So, all the answers & situations you want will not be neatly placed in your lap. You will be given hunches and clues to guide you towards the next step, enabling you to work things out for yourself which will assure you of the deepest level of understanding, learning and evolution. That is what your Spirit wants!

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