Inspirational Female Founders Spotlight

Thank-you @thesuccessfulfounder and @femalefoundersguide for featuring me on this International Women’s Day.

“You are doing the world a disservice not to show up and contribute from a place of alignment and connection to the truth of who you are. It is your responsibility to be more YOU in the world”, says Katie.

My top 5 tips for en­trepreneurial success:

– Know your ‘why’ and use your story to inspire others. 

– Create a personal manifesto that informs the values and services of your business

– Stay in your lane – do not fall victim to the comparison. Focus on doing ‘you’ really well!

– Choose to feel good every day – find a way of working that feels aligned with you and your values. Avoid burn-out by working in a sustainable and energising way.

– Learn to say no. Do not succumb to guilt and feeling you must be all things to all people.

Remember, YOU are the most valuable asset in your business and your clients will get the best of you when you can unapologetically put yourself first. 


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