I am currently sat at my first market stall!! Right here, right now, people are stopping to look at my artwork. I am on public display. Ah! Perhaps I shouldn’t be blogging!! I am not too sure how to ‘be’. If I sit forward I think I frighten people away with my eagerness. So, I have opted to sit back, chill out, drink tea, giggle with the girl on the stall next to me and soak up the atmosphere. If someone lingers long enough, I take the opportunity to chat to them, which I am loving! I love to discover people who ‘get’ what I do. Such a buzz! The bigger buzz is meeting other like-minded souls. Others who are living their truth and creating beautiful hand-made products because they simply ‘have’ to. They aren’t necessarily making loads of money out of it. That is not the point. They just have this little seed of of something inside which has a very loud voice telling them that this is something they simply must do. Rebekah, on the stall next to me, is doing her first market too. We just met. I feel I have a partner in crime. Brilliant! She inspires me hugely (& I will show her this before I post it….!). Her passion is illustration. Interestingly, the majority of her stall is gorgeous & colourful hand-sewn garter belts, knickers, aprons and loads of other loveliness! There are a handful of cards with her illustrations. And they are amazing. It is like she is just dipping her toes in the water….not too sure yet if she is ready to plunge in, head first, and really push her illustrative skill. Funnily enough, even though her stall is choca-block full of beautiful stuff (I want to buy it all!), what is selling are her cards. Her illustrations!! That is where her heart really is. In that work. As wonderful as everything else is (she is a talented girl), it is what really drives and inspires her that is selling. Isn’t that great! Check out

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