shapeimage_1I felt I should start this venture with a little background on me and my daring & mighty life. It takes courage to say that because trust me, it has not always felt that way! Mind you, that’s the point isn’t it? To live a life daring mighty things means there will be bumps in the road. Failures if you will. Growth & change come from learning and we don’t learn anything if we play it safe and live in our comfortable little bubble.

I was born in Sydney, Australia & grew up on the beautiful Northern Beaches in a working class family of 4. I was always very close to my maternal grandparents who immigrated along with Mum & Dad from the UK & I benefitted massively from their wisdom & life experience. I was a rather shy, awkward & anxious kid – my little sister was the outgoing, pretty one who got all the valentine’s cards! – but I always knew there was something rather exciting & special inside me….that I would one day find my voice and shine. My Dad had the ‘Dare Mighty Things’ speech by Theodore Roosevelt on his home office wall which I read everyday. Those words are absolutely embedded on my soul. I ‘get’ them and they are now part of me. Without realising it then, it was my first experience of using a positive affirmation and I swear it was what gave me the drive to really step into the world and live my life fully. I have travelled a LOT on all sorts of budgets – from literally nothing to 5-star. My favourite means of travel was my VW Combi Campervan. I’ve had all sorts of jobs in the corporate world – travel agent, advertising executive, event manager. And the not-so corporate world – luxury yacht stewardess, promotional modelling, nightclub hostess. I have had my fair share of boyfriends – some wonderful, some disastrous. My work brought me to the UK nearly 11 years ago & I now live in the beautiful Sussex countryside, I have a handful of really special friends who I could not live without & a gorgeous 3 year old son who has transformed my life.

I used to sketch a lot as a young girl and as an adult have dabbled in photography and the odd painting or life drawing class. I desperately wanted to study art at school but was encouraged to do economics – which I hated & failed miserably. That was my first lesson in choosing to do what your heart desires! As proud as I am of my corporate career & as much as I love my 5-star hotels and fine dining, I am really a creative & bohemian soul who has always wanted to paint & live by the sea-side – the hibiscus flowers I painted on the side of my camper when parked up on the beach are testament to that!

So, what got me to take the plunge and start to work creatively, doing something that really fires me up inside?? A series of huge life changing, cataclysmic events spread over the last 15 – 20 years!

About 7 years ago I woke up to the fact that my parents horrendous divorce & my Mum’s suicide affected me rather a lot more than I had realised. I was making questionable life choices, was consumed by grief, fear & anxiety and frankly was not coping too well. So, I embarked on a mission to save myself through professional counselling, self help books, life coaching, EFT, NLP, hypnotherapy, manifesting & bit of spirituality thrown in for good measure. I don’t do things by halves!! Jokes aside though, I was determined to take responsibility for my life and to have the life I had always dreamed of. It took a lot of hard work and determination but I was slowly winning and throughout the process I really did start to heal. I did however continue to make some questionable life choices (negative patterns & behaviours do not disappear overnight!) and then I embarked on a residential self-development course called ‘The Hoffman Process’ which truly enabled me to turn my life on its head and start to live my heart’s desires. I have developed a really strong sense of self which is an amazing gift. God knows how I got to 36 without that! I honestly feel like my life is now in ‘flow’ and as a result I have the courage and energy to create a mighty life.

So, that’s me in a nut-shell. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have finally embarked on a journey to live a ‘creative’ life & I love that I am now designing my life to suit the lifestyle I want. I am not there yet, but I am close. I already get to work my own hours, am always available for my little boy, am finally expressing & unleashing my creativity, am happy & content in myself and I hope I am starting to inspire others. That is my wish.

Katie x

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