Is it time for you to receive?


I am SO excited to be in Paris! I am joined by an incredible bunch of women – all part of a high level business and coaching mastermind programme called ‘Divine Living’ (if you want to know more, check it out HERE) because the next programme starts soon and you may just want to be part of it after watching this week’s video!

It wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t DARE to dream of being part of a business mentorship programme like this; let alone swanning off to LA, Paris, Sydney and Miami as part of it!! Even a year ago this would have seemed not only a fantasy but a ridiculous extravagance.

Oh how my life has changed. And oh how much more fun it has become!

All because I dared to dream and I dared to receive.

Receiving is the key to being in your feminine power. (TWEET IT)

To be able to embrace our truth and live our lives as an authentic reflection of that truth, we must receive the whispers of our inner wisdom and dare to take action – to gift ourselves with what we deeply desire.

Our purpose is to live and be the biggest, boldest most awesome version of ourselves! When we do that, we can be of magnificent service to the world.

Sitting on our hands, playing small and wondering, ‘who am I to shine?’ is doing not just you but everyone around you a huge disservice.

You can only serve when you are serving yourself first. (TWEET IT)

The most profound discovery I have made since very intentionally making ‘receiving’ the order of every day is that the more I receive, the more I give.

I have never enjoyed serving others more than I do now. And there isn’t a whiff of ‘victim’ or ‘martyr’ to be seen. It’s like the more that comes to me, the more that flows out to others, effortlessly. And the love I am experiencing as a result is hard to put into words. ‘Bliss Bomb’ comes close…!

Receiving means learning to love yourself. It means waking up to your worth so that you can add priceless value to you life and the lives of others. It means relationships with other human beings that are so authentic, so fulfilling and so enlightening that, well… Bliss Bomb.

If you are ready to begin your own self-love affair and receive the support of a coach who has been there, done it and got the gorgeous t-shirt, why not get in touch and I  will create a space in my diary for your Complimentary Discovery Call. If you are a woman who is ready to put her stake in the ground and claim her life, let’s get on the phone!

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Do you dare to love yourself?

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