Is there something wrong with me?

I used to believe that there was something fundamentally wrong with me that I couldn’t find love.

It seemed to be so easy for everyone else and it didn’t matter to me how much it could be reasoned or argued that ‘you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors’ or ‘you don’t know if they have settled for second best’ or ‘you don’t know if they are really happy’. 

The fact was, I was single and most of my friends were married and in seemingly happy family set-ups. 

I was the common denominator. 

So I wondered if I was wired wrong or fundamentally floored in some way? 

I wondered if my childhood experiences and the way I was parented had my conditioning so screwed up that I was now damaged goods. 

I genuinely believed that some people were ‘lucky in love’ and that there was a destiny of singledom that had been predetermined for me.

It just wasn’t meant for me. 

I had days where I would get to grips with that ‘truth’ and decide that I would be fine alone. I could totally do that! I was resourceful and capable and I could find many other ways to find fulfilment and happiness. It doesn’t have to come from a monogamous relationship. I could find ways to get my sexual needs met. I could create friendships that would give me that depth of connection. I could make more money, travel the world and live out my dreams. It wouldn’t be bad at all! 

But I felt soul destroyed to buy into that story. Sure, I ‘could’ do that but I didn’t ‘desire’ to.

If you are resonating with what I am sharing then please read the next lines carefully.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are a beautiful spiritual being. You are pure love and light. Your soul purpose here in this lifetime is to journey through a myriad of experiences that will challenge and beckon you to become a fuller expression of yourself. If your pain point is being single, it’s likely that relationships are your key learning and growth access point through which you can know, love and express yourself more. 

You might be experiencing challenge, sadness, frustration and loneliness but that is not WHO you are. 

Does that make sense?

I invite you not to make your current frustration mean anything about who you are. Spiritually speaking, you are pure perfection.

There is nothing wrong with you. Life is merely offering you the chance to deepen your self worth, self belief, self confidence and self love through your desire to be in relationship. You are being invited to heal anything that tells you you’re imperfect or damaged in any way. As you do that healing, you will become an even more magnificent expression of yourself and you can share that woman with your soul mate. He is looking for you too and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is on the same healing journey.

There’s nothing to be fixed. Instead, you are being invited to become more of yourself. Wouldn’t you agree that’s an exciting proposition! 

I am an expert in guiding women home to themselves and my own journey has been to evolve and growth through relationships. I haven’t just studied the processes and know the theories to teach you. I have lived, breathed and felt it all. 

I would like to invite you to join me for a week long deep dive into you, your desires and how to begin the process of calling in your guy through a self-loving and healing process of meeting your Daring & Mighty Self. YOU are magnetic. When you are aligned with your spiritual truth, he can find you easily and he is so excited to meet you! 

Please come and join my FREE 5-day challenge where I will personally guide you through a process to boost self confidence, self trust and self worth so that you can attract in your soul mate, just as I did.  

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