Dating during a pandemic?

“We are in a global pandemic. So, why bother looking for love? It’s harder than ever to meet someone now!

There’s social distancing and isolation keeping him at bay.

No music festivals, social events or clubs to randomly bump into him.

Cinemas are closed and restaurants / bars are under curfew so even if I could get a date I’m restricted. 

It’s a nightmare.”

If you are single, I bet this is the kind of conversation you are having. Am I right?

I hear you. It does feel pretty dismal for the single gal.


We get what we focus on. 

While the above all appears factual there’s no availability for the unknown possibilities and potentials.

What about trusting that the way your guy will come to you will be miraculous and unexpected and unpredictable!?

How about opening yourself up to receiving him in a way that’s miraculous!?

What about choosing to use this time as a chance to prepare yourself to meet him. I mean – are you REALLY ready?

How about using this precious gift of time to clear out any beliefs and behaviours, conditioning and patterning that could quite possibly be keeping him at bay.

From my personal experience and the plethora of experience I have working as a master therapeutic coach to high achieving entrepreneurial women, I know that there are very likely to be energetic blocks (in the form of limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns of behaviour) that will be blocking him from finding you. So, pandemic or not, he is having a lot of trouble finding you!

Please don’t give your power away to this Pandemic!

Please don’t use Covid as another excuse to live half a life!

You are a powerful creator and my work will open you up to accessing that power and tapping into your unlimited potential.

Let’s get you ready to meet him!

Let’s open you up to receiving him – for real!

Now is the perfect time. 

Honour your heart and soul – your inner yearnings and desires. They are meant for you. 

Katie x

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