{Love Note} Abundance flows to me constantly

Abundance flows to me constantly

Note to self…


I have coached a myriad of women for thousands of hours (literally) so I feel pretty qualified when I say that I believe there to be a very contagious disease in our society that is sabotaging happiness.


The disease is called Scarcity.


It’s the scarcity mindset and it causes us to believe that there isn’t enough for everyone; that we must compete to get our share by pushing, striving and working harder; that we must take action on our goals rather than giving time to our desires.


We don’t allow ourselves to marinate in the beauty of our desires. To just sit with them, dream about them, have fun and play with the idea of them.


I know we need to take action on them eventually – of-course! – but what happened to just enjoying the juice of the desire for a while first?


We jump to the ‘how’ before we’ve even allowed the fullness of the desire to ripen and become a full-on sensory and emotional experience.


Let me share an example with you that’s common amongst my clients – and I know they will not mind me sharing and I know you will relate!


Jane (fictitious name) desires a new way of living. Her deepest desire is for more time for herself and with her family. She is fed up of the commuting. She desires more peace, time in nature and time with good friends. She is exhausted from juggling work hours with long drives and train journeys that mean someone else is looking after her children and she barely sees her husband which is creating a rocky relationship.


That’s a pretty relatable and deserving desire, right?


What does Jane do?


Her conditioning (thank-you patriarchal society) is to compare her life to others and then focus on all that isn’t working in her life (rather than the desire) and when she allows herself to think on the possibility of moving house / career she shuts herself down with ‘how’ questions like:


‘what if I can never get a job that pays as well as this one?’

‘what if the house I move to isn’t big enough?’

‘what if we lose money on the house sale’

‘how do I make friends in a new town?’

‘how will I ever find work that allows me to work less hours?’

‘surely I am going to have to take a back-wards step in my career to change my lifestyle?’

….. and I could go on….


The cure is to remember that we are abundant. That the Universe is abundant and it’s unlimited.


We cannot be guided to our heart’s desire if we are focussed on the ‘how’. We must focus on the desire and allow the desire and give it oxygen.


We must dare to marinate in the desire.


Not forever….the day will come when action must be taken and the cool thing is, that action will be inspired action because we will be allowing ourselves to be guided by the Universe…one step at a time, towards our dream. But the Universe doesn’t know where to take us if we are not uber clear, emotionally invested and juiced up on the sexiness of our lifestyle desire! So we need to marinate and stew in that juicy goodness for a while.


ALLOW the desire. Play with it. Have fun with it. Be in it. For now.


There is more than enough time (see, abundance again!) for you. There’s no need to rush. Savour the desire. Let the Universe deal with the ‘how’.


This is the feminine way to do life and I promise you, miracles abound when you adopt this way of living.


I hope today’s message supports you to live a Daring & Mighty life!


Love Lots,

Katie xx


PS. If you desire to explore your desires, I highly recommend you grab a copy of my book – ‘The Self-Love Affair’. There’s loads of exercises to help you uncover your juicy desires and then I show you how to manifest them! And, it’s accompanied by a fabulous and free library of meditations and music!



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