{Love Note} Your Thoughts Are Creating Your Life

My thoughts create my life

Note to self…


I know you have heard it said, ‘you get what you focus on’ or ‘you get what you think about’.


What I find most powerful about this truth is the importance of exploring the subconscious thoughts that are creating your reality.


Our society in general is asleep.


So many people operate on auto-pilot and are not aware of the deepest beliefs and thoughts that are literally running the show.


Self-sabotaging and self-harming thoughts like “I am not good enough” or “Who do I think I am to do that?” or “Im so stupid” or “I am not worthy” or “I am too difficult to love” ….. and I could go on and on…..


Unchallenged belief systems (inherited from several generations ago and passed up the line) like “You must work hard for money” or “It’s selfish to put yourself first” or “If you sin you will go to hell” or “If you don’t get a University degree you will never have a successful career” ….. you get the idea.


Self-harming thoughts and unchallenged belief systems are creating your life RIGHT NOW.


You really do get what you think about.


Today I invite you to shine a light on your subconscious thoughts.


Challenge your belief systems. Identify what suits you and what doesn’t.


Unapologetically choose uplifting, self-loving and self-serving thoughts and beliefs that give you permission to shine.


Imagine what you could create if your thoughts were aligned to the authentic truth of your heart!


Love Lots,

Katie xx


PS. If you desire to explore your subconscious, I highly recommend you grab a copy of my book – ‘The Self-Love Affair’. There’s loads of exercises to help you uncover, clear out and heal the stuff that has been holding you back for way too long. And, it is accompanied by a fabulous and free library of meditations and music!

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