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I choose my vibrational currency every day

Note to self…


I find the subject of money so interesting. It can really trigger us. It can be a source of such discomfort and misery. It can also be a source of fun and excitement. It can be the cause of greed and misplaced or misused power. It can absolutely be a source for good in the world too.


How we think and feel about money will determine our relationship with it and it will determine whether we are attracting it in or repelling it. How we think and feel about money will also have an impact on how we choose to use and circulate that money and with what intention for ourselves, our society and the planet.


It’s a big conversation!


Most people desire more money. The catch is they don’t have a positive relationship with it in order to be able to attract it in.


Money is simply vibrating energy – it’s neutral, neither good nor bad.


As a vibrational energy, money is literally currency.


Like attracts like.


In order to attract money into your life, you must be a vibrational match to the currency of money.


So ask yourself, what is the currency of money for you?


To work that out ask yourself, how do you feel (or predict to feel) when you have money?


For example – abundant, free, joyful, alive, easy, happy, fun, grateful, laughter, excitement, proud, fulfilled, blessed, energised, healthy, relaxed, unlimited, powerful, generous….etc.


These feelings are an example of the vibrational currency of money.


So then your focus must be on feeling that as a daily intention.


Ask yourself, how can I feel {insert feelings} every day?


You will discover you can create those feelings without money through other pursuits. Often through noticing the abundance in life all around you and being grateful for all you already have.


When you are committed to experiencing those feelings you are aligned with the vibrational currency of money.


Like attracts like.


Watch what happens!


When we choose to love ourselves we are committed to feeling good because it’s our birthright. Those good feelings are high vibrational and pretty much guarantee you will attract in high vibrational things – your desires – whether it be people, things, circumstances, opportunities or money.


I invite you today to choose your vibrational currency so that it be a match to your heart’s highest hopes and deepest desires!


Love Lots,

Katie xx



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