{Love Note}: I love to speak my truth



Note to self…(because sometimes we all need a reminder!)

Usually when I coach or teach around ‘speaking your truth’ I am referring to having open hearted and lovingly assertive conversations or stepping into your true power (love!) to share your message with an authentic voice.


Today I have a different angle for you.


Today I want you to speak some truth to YOURSELF!


In many ways, this can be harder than communicating with others!


There is no change, no transformation, no up-levelling without getting crystal clear on what you REALLY think and feel.


Accessing that truth can be confronting. I know! And, without that level of ‘warts ‘n all’ honesty with yourself, you will simply remain where you are.


I talk about this a lot in my book – The Self-Love Affair. The entire first section is called ‘Right Here. Right Now’ and it’s all about getting into awareness around what is not serving you – whether that be a job, a relationship, your emotional yo-yo, your destructive thoughts or an embarrassing behavioral habit.


Without getting super real with yourself around what’s hurting or dissatisfying you, then you may as well wave goodbye to the next level of joy, happiness, love and abundance that you desire.


That’s my truth, for you, today.


Blunt. And real. Some might say, Daring & Mighty!


I invite you to be real with yourself today. I believe your life is worth that.


Love Lots,
Your Self-Love Coach, Katie xx


PS. I am always getting real with where I am at and am always being coached to ensure I am on track with calling in my desires and next up-level. This week I recorded a podcast sharing my personal journey with you – warts ‘n all. I hope it inspires you. Click HERE for access.


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