{LOVE NOTE} It’s time to cut the chord on self sabotage!

As I’m sure you’re aware, I’m hosting a lesson from my book, The Self Love Affair: A Woman’s Guide to a Daring & Mighty Life, live in The Self Love Hub Facebook Group every Tuesday at 2pm (GMT).


Last week we explored the negative beliefs and behaviours you’ve adopted from others, usually from your parents. Most people are still energetically connected to their parents, whether they’re conscious of it or not.

You’ll notice it when you become a parent, and find yourself doing and saying things your parents did and said to you. It’s time to cut the invisible umbilical cord, and stand healthily separate from the generations that came before us, with forgiveness and compassion.


These negative thought patterns have created negative emotional patterns that cause you to say and do things that are simply not you.

In order to free yourself from them, you must allow yourself to FEEL your emotions, instead of suppressing them and letting them fester. The only way to release an emotion is to feel it with your heart and express it physically with your body.

And I mean scream it out, bash it out, write it out… anything!


I was, too.

It’s a Daring thing, to let go and become the emotional wreck you’ve spent so much effort trying not to be. But darling, trust me. This process is so liberating, it’s worth getting uncomfortable for.

We’ve set an intention to let go of this stuff and start creating a life we love.

So go get your boxing gloves girl, it’s time to release that inner tiger!

I want you to focus on a single fear-based thought or negative trait that you are FED UP with. DECIDE that you want to be free of it. Then:

Dance, jump and throw yourself about the room to some fiery tunes until you feel the intensity of the emotion connected with that trait dissipate.

Imagine a couple of traits are glued to the bottom of each shoe, then run the crap out of them! Pump some angry music in your headphones to really fire you up!

Put those negative traits on your hands or feet. Every time they hit the water, imagine you are thumping the life out of the traits.

Hand-write about why you are so fed up with a trait. Yell and scream and swear – in writing. Scribble out your anger in thick black marker pen. Then burn it. Let it go. And like a phoenix, you are reborn!

Get a bat or a rolling pin or even just your fists. Then imagine the named trait is on the pillow in front of you – and pulverize it. Yell out what you are not willing to put up with any more. Cry. Shout.

Whatever you do, keep at it until you feel you have fully let go of that belief or behaviour.

In this week’s Facebook Live (replay below) I explain how to prepare for and get the most out of this process, so you are not acting like a lunatic for nothing. Make sure you watch it before you start!

Love you,

Katie xx
Founder of The School of Self Love

P.S. I am speaking with women who are serious about creating deep transformation in their lives. My group coaching programme – LIVE LOUDER – is about to start up again. We have run this programme several times with great success. If you would like to talk to me about whether it’s the right fit for you, please click below. Very limited spaces only available!


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