Valentines Day is around the corner and this tradition has developed such momentum and power that everywhere I look, there’s no denying that February’s theme is relationships. 

While I am all for that theme and have dedicated much time, energy and finance to calling in my beloved and now deepening that relationship, I think at this time it’s more important than ever to remember that relationships with others are only successful when you have a successful relationship with yourself. 

I have experienced first hand the dysfunction, pain and deep loneliness that comes from being in a relationship where we didn’t first have a healthy relationship with ourselves. Co-dependency, drama and jealousy in relationship were just a few of the dysfunctions that resulted from my lack of relationship with myself. 

Looking outside of myself for validation, love, approval, significance and safety was my learned habit of behaviour. I wonder if you can relate with that?

It put WAY too much pressure on my partners too. I expected way too much from those mere, fallible, humans. 

It was the crumbling of my relationship with the father of my 2 year old, 3 months before we were due to be married, that sparked the beginnings of a relationship with myself that would challenge me deeply and come to change my life forever. 

I so desired a deeply passionate, spiritually connected, open hearted, fun, supportive and adventurous life with a soul mate. I loved to love. I loved to be loved. I loved the idea of love and I really felt I had so much to offer. 

That all had to start with me. I had to learn how to have a deeply intimate, joyful, trusting and unconditionally loving relationship with myself first. 

The 13th February, the day before Valentines Day, is International Self Love Day.

I invite you – whether you are single or in a relationship – to commit to yourself from this day on to be there for you in a way that you never ever have before. Whether you are just starting out on your self love journey or are a seasoned veteran of the multiple and myriad arts of self love, there’s always more levels to uncover because it’s a daily practice.

Self Love is a journey. It’s not a destination. 

Every journey starts one day. The day you make the decision. 

The journey will have unexpected twists and turns, times of peace, times of upheaval. Regardless of what life throws you, your invitation is to love yourself EVEN MORE. 

If you desire to have a soulful, deeply connected and joyful relationship with someone then PLEASE commit to having that kind of relationship with yourself. 

The School of Self Love is brimming with ways to begin and enhance your relationship with yourself. 

Our YouTube Channel, Podcast and Blog are full of inspiration, tips, tools and expert interviews and while I must admit to not having created much new content in the last 12 months, the content that exists is abundant and fully relevant today. Sometimes I even dip into my own content for inspiration and guidance!! Only yesterday I was listening to my interview with author Dr David Hamilton from January 2016 on The Science of Self Love. 

There is SO much here for you and everything we produce comes from the most authentic, heartfelt place of deeply desiring for you to have the most beautifully connected relationship with yourself. 

My personal goal is to help one million women change their life. I have no idea what number I have reached – it’s so hard to quantify – but every single day I am committed to loving myself so much that I have the capacity to inspire and support women just like you to love themselves even more, day by day by day.

So in this month that’s all about relationship, I invite you into a deeper relationship with you. And I hope that one day I get to meet you in person to celebrate the woman you are, the journey you are on and the woman you are becoming. 

All my love,

Katie xx

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