Today I invite you to love yourself SOOOOO much. More than you ever have before.

I invite you to be so kind to yourself.

When you notice yourself saying something mean to yourself (I call that mental self harm), choose not to.  Choose something more compassionate, understanding and forgiving to tell yourself instead.  I want you to say something like this to yourself:

“Oh I can be so mean to myself and today I am not going to hurt myself like that anymore. I know it’s just a habit to talk to myself like that and today I am going to break that habit. I am going to create a new habit of telling myself every day that I am awesome! That I am aways doing my best. That I am kind and loveable and beautiful and so much more than enough.”

When you notice you are running a belief system that says you can’t have what you desire or it’s not meant for you or you’re never ever gonna make it where you want to go, I want you to say something like this to yourself:

“Thank-you for that suggestion dear mind but I have a different opinion. I choose not to listen to you in this instance because I am determined and persistent. I am enough. I am clever and capable and I’ve overcome more than this in the past. I am also a co-creator with life which means miracles are possible and today I choose miracles!”

I invite you to treat yourself in some way today. That could be buying yourself a gift, or taking yourself for a manicure or spending some quality time with yourself to just be with you in a way that feels really nourishing. 

How can you take the pressure off yourself today? What could you let go? How could you stop trying so hard? How could you create some ease and lightness today? I invite you to release the burden you are so used to carrying and be free.

Lastly, is there something you’ve always wanted to experience? Something that’s sat on your ‘maybe one-day’ list for some time now. What’s it going to take for you to take a step toward gifting yourself or giving yourself permission to go for that experience?

How can you love yourself enough to go for what you desire?

What do you need to remember or believe or know to help you go for that desire?

Who do you need to be, what shoes do you need to step into to be the woman that allows herself to listen to her heart and have what she wants?

Can you trust yourself to go for it? What do you need to know to be able to trust yourself so that you can bravely receive what you want?

You get the idea.

Take at least one step today in the direction of your dreams. Make the phone call or do the research or lodge the enquiry or book the ticket or confirm the time off work. What’s your first step?

If you’re feeling brave and you know that you are ready to say a big fat YES to yourself, go claim that desire TODAY. What are you waiting for?

You are an awesome, brave, resilient, beautiful woman. I desire the very best for you.

Please hit reply and let me know how you loved yourself today.

I love you,

Katie xx

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