{Love Note} Take charge of your life! A practical tool.

I love to re-define my life regularly

Note to self…


A couple of weeks ago (on the super moon) I shared a fab ritual on social media to support change and transformation. I thought I would share it with you in today’s love note because it’s a powerful tool I would love you to add to your self-love tool-belt!




We all have emotions, behavioural habits, addictions and attachments in our life that we know in our gut do not serve us. We know that by holding onto those things we are not loving ourselves fully.


You can choose to let them go so that you may more compassionately serve yourself and others with the most authentic, loving version of you.


This ritual will help and in my experience rituals like these (when done with the highest of intention) can be major game changers!


No matter what you are calling into your life, a ritual to release all that isn’t serving you is required to make room for the new.


Step One: Handwrite an emotional piece around what you want to let go of. No matter what, you are declaring that you are done with it and are ready to be released. As you write, deeply connect with the pain of what these pieces in your life cause you. Connect with the consequences, how you have been held back, how you and others have been hurt and what your life will look like if you do nothing about it.


Step Two: Dig a small hole in the earth or the sand. Tear up the pages and burn them in the hole. Do this with focussed intention on what you are releasing. Allow your tears to flow – this is part of the release. (If you don’t have access to the earth, burning the pages on an indoor log fire, wood burner, outdoor bbq or even in a bowl is ok)


Step Three: Cover the ashes with the soil or sand. As you cover them over, set your intention for what you desire to call in. You have created a void so choose what you desire to fill that void with. Say a prayer of desire over the ashes and release your prayer to the light, knowing that the Universe is designed to support you. You have been heard.


Step Four: Say out loud, “It is done. It is done. It is done.”


And so it is! xx


Love Lots,

Katie xx


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