{Love Note} How to get into alignment with your body

I am in tune with my cycle

Note to self…


A beautiful self-love practice I have found to be very powerful has been to consciously create awareness around my feminine cycle.


By keeping track of my moods and emotions around my menstrual cycle allows me to predict my more energetic, creative and inspired days to then be at my best and able to achieve all that I desire.


Self-love requires you to be aligned with the rhythm of your body.


To ignore your own rhythm or push against it makes life feel hard. To go with the flow of your nature makes life feel easy!


By honouring your own personal cycle, you can plan your days and months in advance, knowing when you will be on top energetic form and when you will likely be feeling a little more sensitive and delicate.


There are days of the month that are perfect for having important meetings, giving speeches, dating or pitching for new business.


There are days of the month that are perfect for planning, preparation or reflection.


There are days of the month that are perfect for booking a massage, having a spa treatment or taking time off work.


By consciously tuning in to your own personal feminine cycle, you are loving yourself toward being far more productive rather than living on the hamster wheel of ‘do do do’ which is exhausting and therefore totally counterproductive.


I invite you today to begin a journal that tracks your cycle and how that relates to your moods and energy levels. Do this for a couple of months and start to see patterns arise. Going forward, you can plan your diary and commitments around those patterns.


It’s such a self-loving way to do life as a woman!


Love Lots,

Katie xx


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