{Love Note} You are absolutely, fully, utterly supported

I am absolutely, fully, utterly, supported

Note to self…


Today I would like to remind you of the truth that you are not alone.


You are so supported and held safe by a loving Universe.


Your Spirit Guides and Angels have your back.


There are people in the world that love and care for you.


You are there for you too.


Christmas for many can feel lonely. It can bring up all sorts of uncomfortable emotions that have you feel disconnected and separate.


If this is true for you then today I invite you to journal around the subject of connection and where in your life you feel supported.


It’s so helpful to focus on what we do have rather than what’s missing.


And remember, the busyness of Christmas can have you feel exhausted which isn’t a helpful state to be in when you are feeling alone. Tiredness makes everything worse. So please love yourself enough to take some time to be there for you.


Connect with yourself. Remind yourself of the people that love and care for you. Reconnect with your Spirit Team.


This Christmas, gift yourself with some dedicated time for you. There is nothing more important! When you are filled up, the people you love most will receive the best of you.


Love Lots,

Katie xx


PS. We are just 2 sleeps away from Christmas Day! In the lead-up, do whatever you can to create some sacred ‘me time’ so that you are feeling your best to enjoy Christmas with the people you love dearly.


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