{Love Note} How to be your own best friend

I am always there for me

Note to self…


I believe that self-love is about becoming your own best friend. 


It’s about developing a relationship with yourself that allows you to completely trust yourself – which makes decision making so much more simple.

You are able to relate to yourself with love, understanding, empathy and compassion – thereby banishing the nasty terrorist in your head that bangs on that you are not good enough.

Today I invite you to ask yourself what you could do for yourself in terms of deepening your love for yourself.

How can you be there for you?

What spiritual practices do you need to put in place that ensure you are connected to you?

What habits do you need to create that ensure you are feeling good every day?

I invite you to be there for yourself. Fiercely and unapologetically!

Love Lots,
Katie xx


PS. With Christmas around the corner, being able to be there for you at this busy time of year is KEY. Please don’t ignore my invitation today to be your own best friend. It’s a wonderful gift to yourself…!



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