Money is currency and currency is energy!

Newsletter October 24th


Money is currency and currency is energy! I just love those words. This final newsletter in our energy and vibration series is all about the mula because when we get intimate with our relationship with money, we are really getting intimate with ourselves, our own beliefs and vibration.

So many of us are not comfortable talking or thinking about money. We avoid it out of a deep seated belief that there is not enough money for either ourselves or for others. Not to mention tough beliefs around the idea that having money isn’t spiritual or it’s greedy or dirty in some way (I will write a newsletter that digs deeper into our ‘money stories’ very soon to help dispel some painful myths). However, we all know that money (not alone) can bring a large amount of happiness into our lives. So why are we often afraid to admit how much money we might need for our own expansion. And how would it be if we reprogrammed our beliefs about money and changed them to something like, “There will always be enough money for me and there is more than enough to go around”?

Perhaps we find this difficult because we have all, at one time or another, been in need of money and the money just didn’t show up. Well money goes where there is a purpose for it and when you are living on purpose – only then will money show up.

If money is energy then it is so important to get clear on our own purpose and desires so that we can match the financial frequency we need for those desires. What is your financial frequency, Annie?  How much money do you need to live the most expanded version of your life? How much money would you really need to achieve your desires: to create and expand your business, to use those photographers, to create that website, to have the time to write, to have the support in life that you need, to holiday where you’d like, to have the house, clothes, car of your desires? Be honest with this. Write each of these things down and actually come up with a monetary figure for how much they would cost. That figure? That’s your your financial frequency.

Now that you have determined how much money you actually need, it is now your job to get  comfortable with the idea that you can easily achieve it. You do have what it takes! Make sure that you are not standing in the way of it. It can help to read some wealth consciousness books to get really comfortable with the idea of money. When you live your life on purpose, doing what you are meant for and what feels authentic for you (no matter what society says) then financial abundance will follow. Of course you will need to be taking action towards realising your goals – it aint going to just land in your lap. So make sure that you are taking action to achieve the wealth you desire and are open to receiving it; meet the spirit of abundance half way.

If you have deep beliefs around not being worthy of financial success or deserving of living a life filled with all you desire, I am available for complimentary discovery calls to look into what might be blocking you. The work I do with women is very much about looking at beliefs that are holding you back from claiming the life that you desire. If you are interested in claiming support around this area, do jump on the phone with me. 
Big Love,


p.s. In this week’s video, wealth creation expert, Bob Proctor speaks about the power of our subconscious minds to create the reality we experience and how to build prosperous images in your mind that translate into magnificent results in your life! Love it Bob!

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