Give yourself permission to claim your desires

Will you permit me to share my lust for life with you?

I am writing to you from a Geneva/London flight on the back of 4 spectacular days spent with very special friends. More than that. To me, they are my family.

chamonix family

This special family of four have just moved to Chamonix, France. When they left at the end of July I was devastated. We lived in the same village and were rather attached at the hip. Their departure felt like losing my right arm. I literally experienced grief in the days leading up to them leaving the UK.

I was excited for them too.

I was over the moon that they were walking their talk and CREATING their life. They tapped into their desires around living in the mountains, educating their children in a French school and spending as much time as possible hiking, running, cycling, skiing, playing tennis, climbing… name it, they desired to do it. And now they are.

How awesome is that!

They made a choice to honour their desires. The means to take their dream into reality then came to them because they were so focussed on being in alignment with their truth. They are creating businesses that allow them to work from anywhere in the world and they are making it happen. It is beautiful to witness.

Of course these people are my closest friends. We totally get each-other! We are on the same path. We are fiercely committed to making life count. And we talk and scheme about that a LOT! We get excited at what’s possible because we know there are no limitations when you are tapped into your truth.


I call that being Daring and Mighty.

We dare to live a mighty life.

We dare to love ourselves enough to give ourselves permission to claim our desires.

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I didn’t always think like this though.

Life used to feel very very hard.

I used to feel incredibly limited and felt certain that ‘living the dream’ was for other people.

In truth, I was a victim. Everyone else had it better than me.

I had no idea that I was part of a limitless, abundant, loving Universe and that it was my belief systems that had me blocked to that abundance. I didn’t know that adjusting my mindset and choosing to live consciously could change everything for me.

Until it did!

I had no idea that I was a Spiritual being – a beautiful bundle of energy that when directed through intention and safeguarded by faith could literally change the landscape of my life in every conceivable way.

Until I did!

I once felt very lost and trapped. I lived a life that kept up appearances. It looked great from the outside looking in but the truth was I had what felt like a black hole inside me that could never be filled. No amount of wine, men, box-sets, cups of tea or high achievements did the trick. I tried to numb the pain of feeling as if I had no idea who I was in so many ways – all of them highly sophisticated and very socially acceptable coping mechanisms.

It didn’t work.

katie fly fishing

What worked was a willingness to change.

Then, choosing to get supported in the process of change.

I knew I couldn’t create change from a place of ‘victim’. I knew I had limiting beliefs and I knew that unless I allowed someone else to shine a light on them and guide me to another way of doing life, I would remain trapped on the treadmill of a life unfulfilled.

That was several years ago.

Today my son and I are returning from spending 4 days with our special friends in stunning Chamonix.

Once upon a time I would never have given myself permission to take a few days out like this. I would have had several really good reasons why – no time and no money being at the top of the list. The thing is, when you get clear on your values, the resources become available. 

I value spending time with friends. 

I value having fun.

I value quality time with my son.

I value the perspective that travel gives me.

I value good wine!

We have spent that last few days hiking, exploring, fishing, laughing, eating and drinking – all in beautiful locations with awesome people. Everything we did and everyone we spent time with was on a high vibration. My energy has raised to yet another level as a result. I woke up each morning feeling excited which is a far cry from the days that I would wake in panic and anxiety.

I feel incredibly proud of my life. And humbled by how far I have come.

And that is what I desire for you too.

I KNOW that you deserve to live a life you love and that makes you feel proud.

I KNOW it is available for you.

I am a self-love mentor and I have trained to a very high level to be able to help women like you to reclaim yourself and your life.

If you would like to explore what it is like to work privately with a mentor like me, why not jump on the phone. We can discuss where you are at, how you are feeling and what kind of support you desire. These calls are called ‘Discovery Calls’ because we will discover if working with me is the right fit for you.

Here’s to you loving yourself and your life.

Trust me – you deserve nothing less.

Big Love,

Katie xx


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