She was so scared and overwhelmed …

I just finished a group coaching call with my Love Lounge™ members and felt compelled to share one of the conversations I had.

I was speaking with one woman who is facing a really challenging time as a single mumma. She was feeling frustrated with and terrified for her eldest child. As we spoke it became very clear that she has been operating solely from her head which made a lot of sense because she is making big and potentially life threatening decisions. She has been on high alert and relying on her brain to have all the answers. But, she’s exhausted by the constant self doubt and questioning if she is doing everything she can. She is drowning in guilt and worry. She feels very alone – like it’s her against the world.

I felt for her.

The more we spoke, the more it became obvious that she had shut off her feminine energy and was more committed to the fear she felt than the trust she was being invited into.

Fear resides in the head. The home of the masculine.

Trust resides in the body. The home of the feminine.

She asked me how she could take better care of herself because she is giving all of her energy to her children. The thought of taking her eye off the ball and not being there for her kids while she was taking care of herself felt like a very scary prospect.

During our conversation, ‘Self Care’ suddenly went from being a nice-to-have, fluffy concept to a life changing, life enhancing, need-to-have solution. Maybe even a life saving solution.

No matter what, she must create a self care plan and take action.

Without self care, she was modelling to her children that it was normal and ok to live in survival mode, feel constantly overwhelmed and exhausted, lacking trust in life / herself / her kids. Without self care she was supporting her kids from a place of fear and scarcity. Without self care she was not tapped into source energy, inspired ideas and miraculous outcomes.

We identified the activities that she knew enhanced her wellbeing, balanced her nervous system and connected her to a sense of trust. Funnily enough they all required her to be present in her body and she was committed to creating space in her life for her.

>> Update – As I type now it’s the day after our coaching call and my client just shared in our Facebook Group how she took immediate action on her self care :

“Starting and ending the day differently, positively and focusing on me has instantly made a difference. It feels like such a simple suggestion but it’s so powerful and effective. Without it becoming a ‘should’ I’m going to keep it going.”

I share this real life story with you because it’s so easy to read the words, ‘Self Care’, and think, “that’s nice!” and swiftly move on to the next thing you have to do.

At The School of Self Love and in The Love Lounge™ we believe that Self Care is an essential nutrient to living a healthy life and having healthy relationships. It’s as essential as food, water and oxygen. It’s self sabotaging not to include it on your ‘to do’ list.

How can you take care of yourself today?

Katie xx

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