Take A Stand For The ‘And’

If you follow me on social media you will know I have just spent a few days in Scotland attending TED-X Women, soaking up the healing energy of the ley lines that cross inside the stunning Rosslyn Chapel, galavanting about the woods where ‘Outlander’ was filmed (in the hope that Jamie would ride by on his horse!) and taking in the Christmas markets in Edinburgh. 

I LOVE a change of scene. Travel is one of my highest values and I get so excited by airports and planes. It’s my happy place!

I haven’t travelled on my own much recently. I used to do it ALL the time. Different values rose to the top of my list – namely my relationship & house renovations. I dreamed for YEARS to be married and to build my life with someone (after 8 years as a single mumma!)  and it’s still remarkable to me how I created that experience in the last couple of years.

AND, it was time to bring travel back into my life – there’s simply no denying it’s my absolute passion!

It’s been interesting to notice that I’ve desired to return to my travelling adventures for some time and I pushed the desire down.

Can you relate to silencing your desires?!

I recently woke up to the fact that I’ve been playing small in terms of doing what lights me up because of a crazy belief that you can’t live your own life when in a relationship. A belief that made me feel guilty for wanting more than my fabulous relationship. A belief that said I’ve got to be around for my family ALL the time. A belief that said I can’t afford to do what I want because that money ‘should’ be better spent on the house, kids, family holidays etc.

What about the truth that I can have what I desire AND it will make my relationship stronger AND my husband will totally support me AND he will love how I shine and am more giving and loving as a result!!? 

What about the truth that I can have what I desire AND I’ll still cover all other financial expenses easily and the kids will have all I desire for them and we will continue to have family holidays and when I’m with them they’ll get the BEST of me (not least I won’t be harbouring resentment that I’d prefer to be on a plane…..!).

When did I slip back into that sabotaging and limiting ‘EITHER / OR’ mentality?!

Have you ever done that?

I call this ‘slip’ TRANSFORMATIONAL AMNESIA. We all experience it. It’s a forgetting of who we are, our authentic truths, Universal truths and our innate power to co-create with the Universe.

I’m as guilty as the next person of having the propensity to slip into amnesia and play small. I thankfully have my tools and support which is why I was able to see old patterns surfacing and nip them in the bud.

I took a stand for the ‘AND’. In other words, I remembered that when I desire something, there’s room for it in my life. I don’t have to let something else go or suffer to have it. 

As an energetic being I simple have to choose expansion.

This is EXACTLY why I created Evolution Membership. To give women a place to come home to themselves – daily – so they never lose site of what’s possible for them! 

It’s only £1 per day to be a Founding Member which is crazeeeee when you check out the inclusions!

And, there are nearly £500 worth of bonuses if you join this month!

Not least, I am hosting a LIVE WORKSHOP (worth £197) to support you in setting your 2020 Intentions if you join by December 31.

Hosted over Zoom, the ‘2020 Intentions Workshop’ will be a very interactive experience where you will get clear on your goals and connect with your desires for the year ahead while chatting with me and getting your immediate questions answered. I will guide you through really powerful processes (including a guided meditation) to set you up powerfully for your year ahead. You will take part during the workshop – I will not give you information for you to go away and have to do. I will not be adding to your to-do list! Instead we will work on your vision and goals TOGETHER during the workshop. TICK! One less thing for you to have to figure out. 

You MUST sign up by December 31 to get the free workshop plus these extra bonuses :

* Two x 1 hour money mindset trainings – valued at £197

* The Sunday Reflection Weekly Recognition Ritual Worksheet – valued at £20

* 15 Ways to prepare your Mind, Body & Spirit for Success – valued at £20

* Children’s Meditation Album – ‘I Am Daring & Mighty’ – to share with the special kids in your life – valued at £15

Just click HERE to get all the details.

See you on the other side – headed towards your evolution!

Big love,

Katie xx
Founder – The School of Self Love

PS.  You are invited to become a Founding Member of our brand new membership club called EVOLUTION. The full invitation is HERE for you to check out. 

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