The journey to having and feeling all that you desire starts with you.

I believe >

everyone has the power to change.

everyone has the power to create a life they want.

life gives us challenges so we can grow.

we can feel any way we choose.

we have desires for a reason – to overcome any obstacle standing in the way is the journey to self-enlightenment. We desire to become more whole.

when we acknowledge our desires and take steps towards having them, we are remembering who we are.

there’s nothing more important than knowing who you are and loving yourself enough to live fully into that. It’s why you’re here having this human experience.


My big desire for a long time was for love, a family, and a home. Mine was torn apart at the age of 17 and at the age of 22, my Mum’s suicide sealed the deal.

My journey to knowing, owning, and receiving my desire for love and family took many twists and turns. There were some seriously dark days and a few very painful experiences along the way.

I never let go of the belief that life only gives you what you can handle and that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Cheesy? Maybe. But those beliefs drove me forward.

Today I take a stand for women taking a stand for themselves – having their own back, believing in themselves, living a soulful life, and receiving their desires – no matter what they are.

My work as an empowered feminine master transformational coach and love/dating/relationship mentor supports women in exactly this.

The journey to having and feeling all that you desire starts with you. It’s an inside job.

It’s time to believe in you.

Big love,
Katie xx

PS. You can watch the video here



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