What Is Self Love, Really? – Zestful Aging Podcast

In the lead-up to LoveFest – my free 3 day event next week (are you coming!?) – I thought I’d share this brilliant interview I did with psychotherapist, Nicole Christina, on her ‘Zestful Aging’ podcast. @zestfulaging

By now we’ve all heard the term “self-love”. But what is it really? Is it treating yourself to a mani-peni? Buying an expensive handbag? 

Erm, nope!

True self love is more akin to self compassion, which has been proven to help heal depression, anxiety and trauma. 

As a psychotherapist, Nicole has found that cultivating self love is a truly powerful way to create inner peace and freedom. 

So if you want more of that, you’ll want to listen to our interview! It’s great groundwork to receive the most from LoveFest next week too.

Key topics from this episode include:

🔥 Self love and self compassion are the corner stones to healing trauma and experiencing peace.

🔥 The moment I realised self love was an option and perhaps the only option.

🔥 Self care was my first stop. Your first step may be different – trust your process.

🔥 The Hoffman process.

🔥 What you think is what you are creating.

🔥 You can be in charge of how you feel.

🔥 When you’re connected to your true self / your spiritual self, improved relationships result.

🔥 Your safe place is your inner self.

🔥 Where to begin with having a kinder, more self loving and connected relationship with yourself.

🔥 You cannot engineer healing! 

🔥 Loving the parts of you that are ‘not enough’.

🔥 My book – a great place to begin your own self awareness, self forgiveness, self love and self creation. 

Here is the link to listen now (scroll to June 18th, 2022) : https://zestfulaging.cast.rocks/?ep=ER11XJ2A-1ZIA4I&t=0


With love,

Katie xx 

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