The Secret To Visioning {Seriously! You need to know this}

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Firstly, can I just say a huge THANK-YOU to everyone who sent me a message of love and support after last week’s newsletter. You guys rock and I am so proud of this Daring & Mighty community. It seems my personal message touched some of you deeply and I so appreciate you giving me the space to be so vulnerably open and honest.

So, it’s the 9th of January. How has your new year begun!? Are you awake and consciously designing your life in a way that honours who you uniquely are? I hope so!

This is my 2015 gratitudes box!
This is my 2015 gratitudes box!

This is my 2015 gratitudes box! In true Daring & Mighty style, I began my new year with some journalling and meditation. I’ve been getting clarity on what I desire for 2015 and in certain areas what I desire for the rest of my life. I didn’t hold back. OMG, watch this space. I am so excited!!

In the video above, I share a super cool tip for how to vision with ease and excitement! Visioning is meant to be inspiring and fun, not a chore on a boring to-do list!


I hosted the final workshop with my ‘MightyMind 2014’ Mastermind group – these four ladies have truly stepped into their Daring & Mighty lives over the last 4 months and it has been a privilege to be part of their journey.

I’ve begun a 30 day cleanse (bye bye beloved red wine and latte ….) and got myself extra supported with ‘Wild Nutrition’ supplements and fresh daily deliveries of juices and soups, right to my front door. How cool is that!


I had my nails painted fiery red. Booked in a hair appointment. Got my arse back to the gym (ouch!) and re-aquainted with my old friend, the steam room.

And I joined a dating website. Gulp…..!

So, it’s all systems go in preparation to meet with my business manager next week and start planning the launch of some very exciting programmes FOR YOU this year. Woo hoo!

Here’s some hints, it will involve 365 days of Self-Love, a chance to work with me in super cool destinations around the globe and an opportunity to bring me into your home to teach you everything that I know about living a Daring & Mighty life that you will absolutely adore.

Sounds fab, right!

I would LOVE to hear how you have kicked off your year. What intentions have you set? Are you having a dry January? Have you created a vision board? What are YOUR top tips for starting a new year. Do share. I’d love to know.

Have a fabulous day, gorgeous lady!

Love Katie xx

PS. Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know. If you have beliefs or behaviours that you sense are not serving you and desire support in understanding and transforming them so that you can create a life that has you feeling free and fulfilled, why not jump on the phone with me? My complimentary discovery calls are for women who are ready to commit to creating a life they love and desire to explore what it would be like to be supported by an expert in Self-Love. Click here to see if you qualify for one of these valuable calls.

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