The truth about dissatisfaction & fear.You are a Spirit in a Body. You are a Soul having a human experience. Your Spirit by its very nature is a creative being. All it knows is to evolve and grow. That is your purpose for having this human experience – to remember the truth of your Soul and have a unique experience in this lifetime. So….when you feel dissatisfied, it is a clear message from your Spirit, your truth, that it is time to spread your wings and grow.

To be clear, you could be feeling rather happy with your life but that doesn’t mean that you will not still experience dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction pushes you to grow. It’s a powerful motivator, forcing you to create goals and achieve them which means you are moving forward. The hitch is that this likely means you will be asked to move out of your comfort zone. Even if your comfort zone is uncomfortable, you may prefer to stay put because the fear of the unknown can appear to be even more uncomfortable. That’s why so many people sleep walk through their life. They would rather stay unconscious and ‘comfortable’ than conscious, in connection with the voice of their truth, and therefore risk having to CHANGE. How many people do you know stay in a job they don’t like because of fear? They are terrified that if they leave the job that is making them unhappy that they may not ever get a better job, that they will never earn enough money if they follow their heart, that perhaps they are not clever or capable enough to do anything else. And so it goes on! Fear is a powerful tool to keep you ‘safe’.

So, here are my 3 top tips to help you to deal with FEAR of change:

1. Accept fear as NORMAL! It is a part of life. Recognise it for what it is though – a ‘story’. Know that your fear only serves to confirm your limiting self beliefs and keep you in your comfort zone. That’s it’s job and it will fiercely protect and enforce its role. Notice the stories you are telling yourself and consider that they are more than likely NOT TRUE. What is the opposite of the story? That is probably closer to the truth. Write down what your fear based ‘stories’ are stopping you from having, being and doing. Get emotionally involved in the pain of staying the same. Where will you be in 6 months, 1yr, 5yrs if you choose not to take action. Feel it. Get angry! You DESERVE to have all of these things. Slap fear in the face and CHOOSE to take action. You know the drill – Feel the fear and do it anyway!

2. Remember that change is only possible if the benefits outweigh the fears of change. So, write what your life will look like if you take action on your dissatisfaction. Make your list of benefits a long one. That will keep you on track!

3. Write a list of your greatest achievements and successes – this will give you PROOF that you are capable of all sorts of wonderful things. Focussing on your successes while you embark on change is so important. It will move you away from fearful thoughts and toward creative, supportive, positive thoughts. So, hop to it. Make the list as long as you can. The more evidence you have, the easier it will be to kick fear in the gut.

So my friends, go forth, embrace your niggles of discomfort, ask yourself where it is that your life is needing a shake up and smash through your fear to create a life you really love. After all, that is what being Daring & Mighty is all about!

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