Up Your Vibe in the Fall

Autumn fruits

When does Autumn actually begin? Is it at the start of September or at the Autumnal equinox? Whichever you choose, this year the the Autumnal equinox (one of 2 days in the year where day and night are of equal length) falls on Tuesday the 23rd of September. That’s next week guys and so even if you have resisted the idea so far,  we can now safely say that despite our gorgeous and rather late summer, Autumn is certainly upon us. Soon we shall be smelling wood-smoke, pulling out our winter woollies, inviting friends over for Autumnal harvest suppers of apples, pears and squash and enjoying the soft daylight of this proverbial “season of mist and yellow fruitfulness”.

But as the days begin to grow shorter and rather colder, how can we retain our energy and maintain a high vibration? This six week Autumn series of newsletters is all about energy and vibration. We will look at a variety of ways that energy is expressed ranging from crystals in the water to the harmonising and energising effect of the sound of the gong to the energy of words and names themselves. One word that really springs to mind here is resonance and how important it is that we become aware of our own vibration and that with which we resonate.


Quantum physicists have proven that the physical world is made up of nothing but information contained in energy vibrating at different frequencies. We all have our own energy fields and these come into contact with and affect everyone else’s energy field. Most of us have had the experience of walking into a room or being in a particular place and immediately sensing the energy of the space – it could be an energy of stress or tension, or an energy of peace and tranquility. Your own energy field melds with the energy of the environment and we share in that energy.

Autumn is the time of year when we begin to move indoors and so now is a good time to restore the balance in your home by releasing any negative energy that might have accumulated in the space. We’ve all heard of a spring-clean but equally Autumn is a good time to give your home a spruce up. You might burn some essential oil, bring more light into your home by tying back curtains or lighting candles, declutter your desk, shift around the furniture, remove things that may accumulate in corners that could all be contributing to a stagnant energy; get rid of dead or dying plants, put away in a cupboard or drawer anything that you don’t like or feel negative about. In making way for a clearer energy, you equally enable your own personal energy to become more vital and clear as you share in the energy of your space.


Beyond the physical acts that you can do for your home, you can change the mood and lighten and brighten the atmosphere energetically as well. Negativity can accumulate in a space and can be caused by any stress, arguments or disputes, unexpressed undercurrents or illness.

A room cleared of negative energy will: look brighter – lighter and cleaner; sound clearer – less muffled and dull than a room with stagnant energy; smell fresher- the air clearer and easier to breathe; feel lighter less heavy and oppressive than a negatively charge room.


Lynn Williams in Rituals for an Enchanted Life has the following quick mood changes that will brighten things up spiritually:

  • Ring a bell
  • Get a chiming clock – it will clear the air for you every hour on the hour.
  • Spray the room with scented water from a plant mister
  • Open all the windows and doors for a few minutes
  • Hang a prism (faceted crystal) in a window to fill the room with light
  • Play up-beat, lively music
  • Conversely play calming music
  • Light some candles
  • On a sunny day, clean your windows with energy and inviting good things in

Along with restoring balance to your home, the equinox is a great time  to make a list of the achievements and experiences you have had or felt over the past few seasons. It is a great way of restoring gratitude to your life as you take stock of what you have been doing and how you have been responding to life over the past while.

This sort of energetic audit will allow you to be in greater resonance with your desires as you will not be hindered by negative energy in your environment.

So here’s to you uplifting the vibration of your surroundings as you welcome in Autumn! Why not set the intention to embrace the beautiful new season and all it has to offer! Remember, we get what we focus on!

Big Love,


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