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What’s important to you?

What have you always wanted to do or achieve?

What do you desire?

Do you even know?


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I remember a time when I found it really hard to answer those questions because I literally didn’t know who I was and I was reminded of this recently by some clients I am working with that are having the same problem.

Part of the reason why they have come to me is because they feel like they don’t know who they are.
And I totally get that.

They feel stuck because they are trying to achieve something that they literally can’t name.

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They are on a tread-mill …. and working really hard at it …. without a specific end goal. They are pedalling hard and fast and really ‘trying’. They are doing what they think they ‘should’ do and are hoping they will miraculously end up somewhere they rather like. After-all, they are an exemplary employee, a great mum, a reliable friend. Surely they will ‘arrive’ soon! The truth is, they are not really getting anywhere at all. And, they are exhausted!

If you don’t know who you are, what makes you tick and what you value, it’s really hard to name your desires.

Unless you know your desires, you have no direction. 

Unless you have clarity on your desires, you are simply keeping up appearances and ‘shoulding’ and ‘trying’ a lot…..which is very very tiring.

You might argue that you do know what you want but if you feel lost, purposeless and shattered, I would like to challenge just how clear you are on your desire. (I sense the unsubscribes already….!)

For example, you might say you desire to be happy. But what does that look like to you? Specifically?

You might say you desire to be successful. But what does that mean to you? Could you tell me in detail what would be going on in your life if you had achieved success?

You might say you desire to have a big impact on the world. So, what is your message? What is it about you that is unique and impactful. What is it about your life experience or talents or skills in particular that if shared with others, could really change their life?

Do you see where I am going with this?

We need to know ourselves in order to get crystal clear on our desires. 

It is our desires that give us direction.
Jump on a Complimentary Call with me – let’s get to know each-other.
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It’s so easy to think in past tense. Or focus on what we don’t have. Or what we regret.

And, I know you know that you get what you focus on.

I also know how bloody frustrating it is to be told that. You now you want to focus on something positive, something inspirational, your goal … if only you knew what was it was. Right!?

Sorry if I am telling you to suck eggs. And I’m sorry if I am adding to your overwhelm or frustration.

Actually, I’m not. If this is pushing your buttons, you probably need to hear this.

The thing is, the only way off the treadmill of going no-where fast, is to get clarity on who you are and what you want for your life.

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That requires work.

It requires self responsibility.

It means growing up.

Urgh!! I remember the day I knew it was time to grow up and take responsibility for my life. I felt humiliated!  And it was the best decision I ever made. I have never looked back.

Stepping up and taking a cold hard look at myself – where I was at and why – helped me to understand who I was. I learned to love myself – warts ‘n all.

I developed self compassion.

Self forgiveness.

Self awareness. 

Then I discovered my awesome desires.

Then my life began!

Sure, discovering my desires meant all my fear based stories came up by the bucket load and my assignment was to choose new stories that served me – that served the woman that I now loved and understood and had compassion for.

That assignment was worth the effort!

I discovered a list of things that I valued. More than that, a list that I was fiercely determined to make my reality.

Transformation & Personal Growth


My Child


Friends & Family

Wealth Creation

Creativity & Inspiration

My fear stories told me I wasn’t ‘worth’ loving or that I would never be able to ‘afford’ to travel, or that I would never be ‘clever’ enough to create wealth or that I would never find ‘time’ for creativity…..


What I discovered was miraculous! When we know what we value and what we desire, we create time, space and money to make those things happen.

If you value looking fabulous, I bet you have a wardrobe full of gorgeousness and a vanity drawer bursting at the seams with tools for beautification!

If you value travel, I bet you have already booked your next Summer holiday and know all the site seeing you intend to do! And have a savings account dedicated to your spending money!

If you value family, I bet you make loads of time on the weekends for planning fun family gatherings or quality 1:1 time with your kids.

We find the means for what we desire and the Universe supports those desires (how that happens is for another email….).

If you are ready to know who you are and are craving to create a life that you are deeply proud of, why not book a complimentary call with me to discover how I can guide and support you.

After-all, who is supporting you and your dreams?

If you have a hunch that you desire a life that involves more fun, love, creativity, calm, travel, security and adventure….let’s speak.

I did it.

My clients are doing it.

It’s available for you too!

I can’t wait to speak and get to know you and your dreams a little better!

Big Love,
Katie xx


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