What’s in a Name?

a name

For this, this 4th newsletter in our Energy and Vibration Autumn Series I have been thinking about the power and energy of names. Do names have an energetic resonance? Does any resonance come from our parents who named us or do we make it our own? Or is it even resident in the words themselves? Do the vibrations of our names change when we shorten or alter them? I’m not sure that I’ve really come up with any answers to all of this but I have come to my own conclusion based upon experience that there must be something powerful about the energy of names.

A little while back, I created an avatar named Cate and placed a picture of her on my vision board and since then, I have been so struck by how literally inundated I have been by lovely ladies with names such as named Kat, Katie, Katrina, another Katie, Kellie and Kerry. It really is the most bizarre synchronicity manifesting and I do wonder if it is the universe just tapping me on the shoulder to take notice!?

I wonder if you have ever found yourself attracting people who have similar names? If so did you resonate with them? I’d love for you to share your experience over on the Daring and Mighty facebook page  where you can leave your comments.

It really is almost spookily uncanny how powerful all of this manifesting stuff can be when your vision becomes a reality. My Daring Desire is to travel and I am giving myself permission to do it and so as you read this newsletter I will be setting off for Chamonix for the weekend to enjoy the mountain air, good friends and some quality time with my son.  As a woman thinketh…



Big Love,


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