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Newsletter 17 Oct

If you have been reading this series of posts on  Energy and Vibration , you will know that I continually emphasise the need to be in a high vibration energy-wise but in order to explain exactly what I intend by this, I here offer you a quick exercise to demonstrate what that means and what it feels like.

Close your eyes and remember a situation or memory or person that you would describe as being sad or that made you angry or upset. As you tune into that, notice how you feel in your body. Just sit with that feeling for a moment. Remember that memory or experience. Feel what you feel. Notice what you notice.

And now…

Think of a situation or person or memory that makes you feel happy or excited or calm and peaceful. Sit with that for a moment and notice what you notice. How does that make you feel in your body?

(open your eyes)

 katie meditating

It’s likely that when you conjured up the sad thought you yourself felt heavy, your heart would have felt heavy or was beating rapidly. It’s likely that your shoulders dropped and you felt defeated or lethargic. Perhaps you’d even describe yourself as feeling dull and grey.

You are an energetic being and your energy while having that memory dropped its vibration. When you are in a low vibration you attract other low vibrations into your life and you feel pretty low in general.

The second thought would have had you feeling lifted, released, free, light and easy. You probably felt much brighter. And that’s an example of what it feels like to be vibrating at a high level. When you are on a high energetic frequency, you attract high vibrational stuff into your life.

The key to manifesting and creating a life that you desire is to work towards having your personal energetic frequency tuned to a high vibration as much as possible. That’s where the magic is!

One exercise I have my clients do which you can do in your own time is to begin to feel the vibration of your desires; to connect with the energy of what it will feel like to be living the life you want and feeling the way you want to feel and spending time with the people you want to spend time with.  Each day, try to experience how your vision feels; set some time aside, even if it’s just a few minutes, to visualise your desires and raise your own vibration. Once you are practised at being a vibrational match for your desires you will not only feel great but you will begin to attract them towards you.

Big Love,


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