Your Mind Is Your Ticket To Peace (Step 5 Of 7 Part Series)

Welcome to the fifth step to self-love in my 7-part summer series!

How did you get on with committing to 10 things that you could do to love your body more? What did you do?

We are going to dive deep into loving your MIND because I know how much you desire to feel peaceful and happy, right!?

31st July Yoga Pose

Step 5: Love Your Wondrous Mind!

I would like to share a couple of pages with you from my book, ‘The Self-Love Affair’:

You have the most wonderful mind and it serves you in so many miraculous ways.

Yet we do seem to give our mind such a bad rap, don’t we.

It seems to be the source of frustration, judgement, criticism, stress, doubt and confusion.

Our heads get so full-up with noise and to-do lists we don’t know whether we are coming or going. So we say things like, ‘my head hurts!’ or ‘I’m brain dead’ or ‘I am so over my thoughts’.

We get cross with ourselves for having such a mean mind and frustrated with ourselves for not being able to contain all the information we think we ought to be able to manage.

We beat ourselves up and blame our ‘stupid head’.

Do you feel how low the energy just got as you read that? Heavy, huh!

We are SO hard on ourselves!

We forget that our awesome mind can be the source of our joy, delight and peace. We forget that our incredible mind has the power to guide our life anywhere we desire it to go.

If we beat up on it, we don’t stand a chance.

If we nurture and understand it, the world is suddenly our oyster!

When we love our mind we achieve mental health!

Right now I invite you to make the decision to be kind to your mind. It is as real and valid a part of you as your heart, your soul and your body.

Choose to honour your mind. Choose to accept it with compassion and understanding.

Choose today to stop being so hard on yourself!

Choose to stop comparing yourself to others. Decide today to mind your own business!

Choose positive words and be kind to yourself with your choice of language.

Commit to only having positive inner talk. Choose to build your inner strength with words of affirmation. Speak to yourself as you would to a child – with compassion and love.

Quit filling your head with lists. If you have things to do, right them down and free up your mind. Give it room to breathe, to desire to dream!

Forgive your mind for thoughts and beliefs that have damaged and hurt you or others. Whatever you think you have or haven’t done – forgive yourself. Release them into love and be available for healing.

Allow yourself to be in the present because in this very moment, you are a clean slate. Forgiveness allows you to create from that clean and clear space.

So, if you have held fear-based beliefs like, “I am not good enough’ or ‘I am not loveable’ or ‘I can’t trust others’ or ‘I am damaged’ you can choose today to forgive yourself for believing such things.

You can simply make the decision to choose love-based beliefs that will guide your life in the direction you truly desire.

You are not a victim to your programming. You can choose to re-parent your mind!

Remember, forgiveness is simply a choice.

Showing a willingness to create loving thoughts and beliefs means the wheels are already in motion. That new ‘muscle’ is being built.

With self compassion and kindness you can allow your new thoughts to build strength and momentum. In time, you will be an unstoppable, positive force!

31st July Where is my mind

The more you consciously take care of your mind, the more peace you will experience.

Why not grab your journal and commit to 10 things that you could do to love your mind more. Here’s some ideas:

* exercise your mind with a crossword puzzle;

* relax your mind with a meditation;

* write a to-do list rather than store it in your head;

* study something new;

* take a walk and let your mind wander;

* turn off the news;

* listen to some chilled music

You see, it’s not hard stuff. It’s simple and obvious. It simply takes commitment. If you desire to love yourself, then give your mind a break!


Big love,
Katie xx

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