{10 Steps to Happiness} Step 9 : EAT WELL! #beGrandad

In this 9th and penultimate edition of the #beGrandad 10 top tips on how to achieve happiness, we are talking about the importance of eating well.

My wise old Grandad was a firm believer in the meat & 3 veg rule!! Bless him. I am far more experimental and excited about food to limit my diet in that way but his point was to eat healthily, which he did.

The idea is to love yourself enough to eat food that loves you back!

My friend and founder of ‘Wild Nutrition’ is an advocate of the 70/30 rule. Hen is UBER healthy and walks her talk in a big way so I listen and take heart from this rule because I love wine and latte and the occasional chocolate too much to be an angelic eater at all times! Besides, I desire a lot of pleasure out of life and good food and wine does it for me in a big way! (and boy did I love my carafes of bordeaux and plates of foie gras in Paris the other week!! Shhhhhh!)


My body speaks to me….!

And so does yours!!

Right now, my body is telling me it’s time for a detox! I’ve indulged rather a lot lately (especially with recent trips to Sydney, Marrakech and France!) and the tone and clarity of my skin is showing signs of toxicity. I’m lethargic and seem to have lost the spring in my step. My tummy isn’t quite as taut as it ought to be either! So, I am about to stock my fridge with lots of organic veg, the larder with loads of pulses and the freezer with fruits for juicing.

First, I am polishing off the cake and wine supplies….!!

I have begun a quarterly cleanse regime using Wild Nutrition supplements. I did one in January and now it’s time for a pre-Summer spritz!

You are a super smart and sassy woman so I’m not going to explain WHY eating well is important and giving yourself a break from toxins at regular intervals is rejuvenating.

You know the drill!

When you eat well, you will FEEL BETTER! It’s simple. When we eat well we have energy, our emotions balance out, we sleep better and we laugh more. In short, it makes us happy on the inside and out!

What will you commit to this week?


So, hop to it sista! What could you commit to from now on to ensure you are eating food that will love you right back!?

Here’s three super simple ideas:

1. quit caffeine

2. increase your intake of greens and water

3. give up booze

Try this for AT LEAST a week. Go for a month if you can. You will feel AWESOME and so HAPPY as a result!!

Be sure to plan ahead because the initial 2 or 3 days of detoxification can be yucky. So plan to take it very slowly, get loads of rest and early nights to make the withdrawal pains easier over the first few days of your cleanse. I find starting on a weekend is best. You could start tomorrow!!

Go on, I dare you!

Big love,
Katie xx

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