{10 Steps to Happiness} Step 10 : PRAY & BE GRATEFUL! #beGrandad

In this final edition of the #beGrandad 10 top tips on how to achieve happiness, we are talking about the importance of prayer and gratitude.

My wise old Grandad wasn’t particularly religious but he did pray and say gratitudes before bed and when he woke up in the morning. It was a daily ritual for him and he knew instinctively that being grateful put him in a better head-space and prayer made him feel part of something larger.

In short, he knew he would feel happier if he consciously recognised all he had to be grateful for in his life and that he was unique and loved.


Ask & ye shall receive….

Prayer is a beautiful ritual enabling you to connect to Source energy in recognition that you too are Source energy. There is no separation and Source/God/The Universe isn’t a man sitting on a cloud judging you – which is rather a relief, don’t you think!?

You are SO much more than your physical self and prayer allows you to connect to your inner truth and the truth that you are held safe and loved by a very loving Universe that wants nothing more than all of your desires to be received.

When you connect to Source, you are opening up the channels to receive your divine right – the desires of your soul.

It’s pretty bloody cool, actually!

So, let the Universe know what you desire. Get clear on what that is, vision it and ask for it through prayer. It’s a beautiful ritual.


What will you commit to this week?

Being in a state of gratitude means that your vibration raises, allowing you to attract more into your life to be grateful for.

I recommend writing AT LEAST 5 gratitudes in your journal every day. Perhaps make it a morning ritual or something you do just before bed.

We can so easily slip into a head-space of lack or victim so noticing all you have to be grateful for moves you up into a state of abundance – which is your truth.

Grandad was bang on with his daily practice of prayer and thanks. He thanked God every day for his life, his health and his family and he sent loving thoughts out to the world.

It’s so simple and yet so powerful.

It’s a ritual of love. Pure and simple.

As a result, Grandad was surrounded by unconditional love and support until he was aged 100 and 4 days.

I honour him and I pray that you heed his words of wisdom. The last 10 weeks have imparted pure golden nuggets with super simple ways that you can achieve happiness in your day-to-day life.

None of it is rocket science. All of it is available to anyone.

You can choose to be happier today. Do you dare?

Big love,
Katie xx

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